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New Foundation Offers Safer Way for Patients to Undergo Anesthesia

With many medical spa practices expanding their services to include aesthetic surgery procedures, it is important that both patients and doctors alike understand the effects of anesthesia. According to Dr. Barry Friedberg, a board-certified anesthesiologist, many patients wake up after surgery not quite the same person they were beforehand because of the overuse of anesthetic drugs, and risks include long-term dementia, memory loss, and even death. To help make undergoing anesthesia safer, Dr. Friedberg has formed the Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to educating the public about the risks associated with anesthesia. In particular, Dr.Friedberg urges patients to request that their anesthesiologists use a brain monitor during surgery, and if their particular anesthesiologist doesn’t use one, request someone else who does. “Without a brain monitor, anesthesiology is not an exact science, so most doctors figure it is better to give the patient more than they need in order to make sure they don’t wake up during the operation,” says Dr. Friedberg. “With a brain monitor, doctors would be able to use a more exact dosage, use less drugs, and be safer. Instead of using too much or too little, they’d use a dosage that is just right, hence my reference to Goldilocks with my foundation.” To find out more about the Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation, click here.

IF Marketing Hosts One Day Aesthetic Course

chicago-poetry-calendarIf you are a Chicago-area medical spa professional looking to boost your business, mark your calendars for Saturday, Dec. 5th to attend IF Marketing’s Aesthetic Marketing Course. Topics covered during this one-day workshop will include how to capitalize on your internal market, tactics to attract new patients, word-of-mouth marketing formulas, and industry secrets your staff should know. The $250 fee includes a marketing certificate upon course completion; a valuable marketing textbook; a CD of forms, images, and worksheets; access to the Cosmetic Medicine Insider web forum; and breakfast and lunch. For more information or to register, call (312) 335-1700 or visit

The New You Aesthetic Medicine @ Pure Spa Entices Clients to Look Flawless this Fall

pure441To encourage clients to look their best moving forward into Fall, The New You Aesthetic Medicine @ Pure Spa in Dallas, TX, is making it even easier on the purse strings. In addition to offering 12-month interest-free financing on all packages costing more than $300, special Fall promotions include:

• Hollywood Face: Five Laser Genesis treatments and five microdermabrasion treatments for $1,000

• Mini Face Lift without Surgery: Three Titan Laser treatments, four Photofacials, and four Laser Genesis treatments for $2,400

• Re-Claim Your Youth Now: Botox injections for $12 per unit (minimum of 20 units) and Juvederm and Restylane for 50 percent off  per syringe

• Laser Hair Removal: Buy three sessions and get three free

In addition, new clients will receive a microdermabrasion treatment for only $50, including consultation. With deals like these, Dallas denizens can put their best face forward without breaking the bank.

Oxygen’s New Reality Show, “Addicted to Beauty,” is Worth a Shot

The stars of "Addicted to Beauty"

As editor of American Spa’s bi-monthly Medical Spa Report (and a self-admitted reality TV junkie), I felt it was my duty to stay up past my bedtime last Tuesday to watch the premiere of “Addicted to Beauty.” The show follows the lives of CEO Diane York-Goldman and plastic surgeon Gilbert Lee as they combine forces to launch Changes Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa in La Jolla, CA. Drama ensues almost immediately when the two try to integrate their very different staffs. (Goldman-York brought over her top employees from another medical spa, which she owned with her now ex-husband, while Lee already had his staff members in place.) From front desk liaison Gary’s tearful speech about how he is protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act because he has ADD, to office manager Mel’s blatant disdain for everyone on York-Goldman’s team, this show has all the makings of good reality television. I’m already looking forward to next week’s episode, which airs Tuesday at 10 PM (ET/PT) on Oxygen. “Addicted to Beauty” might be just what the doctor prescribed.

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