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IF Marketing Hosts One Day Aesthetic Course

chicago-poetry-calendarIf you are a Chicago-area medical spa professional looking to boost your business, mark your calendars for Saturday, Dec. 5th to attend IF Marketing’s Aesthetic Marketing Course. Topics covered during this one-day workshop will include how to capitalize on your internal market, tactics to attract new patients, word-of-mouth marketing formulas, and industry secrets your staff should know. The $250 fee includes a marketing certificate upon course completion; a valuable marketing textbook; a CD of forms, images, and worksheets; access to the Cosmetic Medicine Insider web forum; and breakfast and lunch. For more information or to register, call (312) 335-1700 or visit

Innovative Pricing at VH Spa for Vitality + Health Gives Spa-Goers a New Reason to Check the Weather

photo_arndprpty_012Putting a creative marketing spin on its pricing, Hotel Valley Ho’s VH Spa for Vitality + Health (Scottsdale, AZ) recently introduced Thermometer Thursdays. Guests who book a 60-minute Massage or Facial any Thursday this summer will be charged whatever the temperature is in Scottsdale at their time of check-in. So not only do early birds catch the worms but they’re also likely to score the best deals.

Bliss Gives its Marketing a Java Jolt

Bliss-sponsored coffee-cup sleeves are an innovative way of product sampling.

Bliss-sponsored coffee-cup sleeves are an innovative way of product sampling.

I stepped out for a quick break today and picked up a cup of tea across the street. Turns out that I could not escape the spa world for even five minutes because what was on the hot cup’s sleeve? An ad for Bliss! Smiling back at me was one of the spa’s signature whimsical designs along with a message, “Wake up and smell the coffee. Your skin needs protection to face the day.” The back of the sleeve also offered a deal—if people bring in the sleeve into a Bliss spa or a Sephora store, they would receive a free sample of the line’s Best of Skintentions SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer, while supplies last. Clever marketing moves such as this are the key to surviving this delicate economy. If you can attract one new customer or convince one more person to walk into your spa or try your product, then any effort you’ve made is worthwhile. Email us at and let us know about any innovative marketing ideas you’ve recently employed.

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