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Stript Wax Bar Thinks Pink

Stript Wax Bar (various locations) is offering an exclusive Think Pink Pumpkin Facial during the month of October. Twenty percent of the proceeds from each facial will be donated to The Women’s Cancer Resource Center in Oakland, CA, an organization that empowers women with cancer to be active and informed consumers and survivors by providing community, resources, support, and programming for women with cancer and their loved ones. The 60-minute treatment ($120) includes a cleansing, a toning, a pumpkin peel, extractions, a pink cherry and vitamin C mask, a massage, and an application of calming cream. A take-home package of aftercare products will also be given to the client. The treatment is offered at all three Stript Wax Bar locations in California—San Francisco, Oakland, and Palo Alto.

Universal Companies Extends Its Pink Glove Power

For years, Universal Companies has supported breast cancer research with its Pink Glove Project by donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of boxes of pink vinyl gloves to City of Hope. To date, they’ve raised more than $85,000 for the cause. Now, they hope to bring their message to the masses by adding consumers to the mix. Founder and Chairman Marti Morenings recently offered some suggestions for non-spa uses for the gloves, including:

  • Cleaning duties in the home
  • All things kitchen, (like the next time you need to chop some jalapenos!)
  • Pet grooming or accident cleanup duties
  • Light gardening projects
  • Car washing
  • Kids’ arts and crafts (our small gloves are perfect for children)
  • Money handling at garage or bake sales
  • Personal use such as applying self-tanning lotion or hair color.

Help Universal spread the word by offering the Pink Gloves in your retail area and providing your clients with tips for incorporating them into their everyday lives. They make great gifts, and if you (or they) purchase five or more boxes, the shipping is free. Just visit

As Morenings says,” Together, we can help find a cure for this life-threatening disease.”

For more on the spa, industry’s efforts to support breast cancer research, check out the October issue of American Spa.

Spa Biz Gives Back

Spa and wellness companies are contributing to the cause in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Check out these products that give back:

Company: Afterglow Cosmetics
Product: Muse Lipstick
Charity: $2 from each sale will be donated to the Young Survival

Company: Boom Boom
Product: Push-Up Brow Highlighting Pencil
Charity: 10 percent of proceeds will be donated to Look Good…Feel Better.

Company: China Glaze
Product: Fight Like a Woman
Charity: A portion of each sale will be donated to the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Company: Colorescience
Product: Pink Kit
Charity: 5 percent of sales will be donated to Careers & Cancer.

Company: Doctor D. Schwab
Product: Rescue Cream
Charity: Rescue Cream will be donated to cancer patients and hospitals worldwide.

Company: Glowology
Product: Bubbling Exfoliant
Charity: 50 percent of each sale will go to breast cancer awareness research.

Company: Kenra
Product: Volume Spray 25
Charity: A flat donation of $35,000 will be made to City of Hope.

Company: La Ishá
Product: Breast SOS
Charity: A portion of the proceeds will be donated to benefit breast cancer awareness.

Company: Mama Mio
Product: Boob Tube and Boob Tube with Magic Shimmer
Charity: $1 from each sale will be donated to Look Good…Feel Better.

Company: Mesoestetic
Product: Radiance Bx Finishing Lines DMAE
Charity: 10 percent of proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Company: Pomega5
Product: All Pomega5 Products
Charity: 10 percent of proceeds during the months of October and November will be donated to the California-based To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation.

Company: Pravana Naturceuticals
Product: BIOJEN 9 Cleanse and Daily Therapy Conditioner in a pink mesh bag.
Charity: All proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Company: Ramy
Product: Shiksa Face Gloss
Charity: 25 percent of each sale will be donated to the Young Survival Coalition.

For more items that give back, check out the October issue of American Spa.

Via Yoga Offers Guests a Chance to Give Back to the Community

Guests who choose to partake in the Via Yoga retreat, taking place Jan. 15-21, 2011, will be able to get more out of the trip than just a yoga and surfing retreat in Sayulita, Mexico. Through a partnership with Costa Verde, Mexico’s first eco-minded school, guests will have the opportunity to work with local children through volunteering in recycling projects, beach clean-up efforts, gardening, and educational programs. But it won’t all be hard work and no play. “Along with two daily open-air yoga sessions and the opportunity to immerse themselves in the jungle ecology and energy of Sayulita, guests will be learning to surf and have the opportunity to go whale watching and snorkeling, which always sparks a profound feeling to the importance and interconnections of our environment,” says Via Yoga instructor Andrea Arriaga, who lives and works in Sayulita.

UC Irvine Extension Introduces
Webinar to Help You Go Green

It’s no surprise that the green movement and the spa industry go hand in hand, as each promote health and well-being for both people and the planet. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice your bottom line in the interest of creating a sustainable business model. If you’d like to learn more about how to make your spa greener while increasing your bottom line, consider registering for the one-hour webinar, “Evolving the Spa Industry Through Sustainable Models” from UC Irvine Extension course instructor Janice Gronvold, founder of Spectrec, a provider of business and marketing development services for the spa, hospitality, and healthy lifestyle industries.

“Evolving the Spa Industry Through Sustainable Models” webinar

Date: September 8

Time: 11:30am to 12:30pm PDT

To register for the free webinar, obtain an enrollment password, or get more information, visit

Ivy Spa and Fitness Club Uses Social Media to Encourage Green Efforts

While everyone seems to be all a twitter about using social media these days, you may still be wondering how to use it to your spa’s advantage. Well, the folks at the eco-friendly Ivy Spa and Fitness Club (Minneapolis) recently came up with an idea that not only benefits their spa but also their clientele. Last month, they launched a contest to determine the spa’s ultimate “Green All-Star” on Facebook. To enter, participants had to “Like” Ivy Spa Club and/or Ivy Fitness Club and then upload a photo of themselves performing an environmentally friendly activity in progress, such as installing an energy-saving light bulb or developing a compost system. Ivy Spa and Fitness Club management then reviewed the submissions and chose the winner, who had submitted a photo of her two sons separating and recycling their plastic containers at the local food co-op. She was awarded an Ivy Signature Experience Package (worth $400), which includes a Signature Massage, a Facial, a Manicure, a Pedicure, and a product gift basket.

While social media efforts such as this can help encourage people to be more green-minded, they can also build brand awareness and create positive associations with your spa. “Being eco-friendly should be rewarded,” says Ivy Spa and Fitness Club owner Pamela Margolis. “We want Ivy fans to know we appreciate their environmentally sound choices.” For more on how social media can benefit your spa, check out “Social Media Secrets” in our upcoming September issue.

Make Every Day Earth Day with Tips
from the Staff at Spa Gregorie’s

Although Earth Day comes around only once a year, that’s no excuse to forego making an effort every day to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Spa Gregorie’s (Newport Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Del Mar, CA), a founding member of the Green Spa Network, makes such eco-friendly pursuits a part of each and every day. From using recycled paper and soy ink for all printed paper materials and using unbleached paper towels for treatments to donating all towels to various non-profit organizations and recycling all bottles, cans, and products used in services, the spa and its staff is focused on thinking green. Here are some tips the staff shares with its spa-goers to help them do their part:

  1. Reduce waste by buying refill bottles for your favorite product. If your favorite brand doesn’t have a refill system, consider switching to one that does. Otherwise, be sure to recycle the bottles.
  2. Stop blowdrying your hair. Instead, roll your hair with Velcro rollers and let it air dry. This not only reduces energy, it also helps preserve the health of your hair.
  3. Take shorter showers. A five-minute shower can use between 15 and 25 gallons of water. Also, give up hot showers, which use more energy, and substitute a lukewarm rinse.
  4. Use natural light to apply makeup. Not only does it save energy, it can also give you better results.
  5. Take advantage of mini freebies available at most hotels. You can also collect them in a basket for houseguests to use.

Bioelements Supports Relief Efforts in the Gulf

It’s hard not to feel helpless when you see the devastation caused by the recent oil spill in the Gulf Coast. Wanting to do something about it, Bioelements made a donation to The Nature Conservancy, which works to protect coastal wetlands and marshes, re-establish critical habitats for threatened wildlife, and restore the Gulf of Mexico’s resiliency by bringing together scientists familiar with the area’s habitats, plants, animals, and people. “All of us at Bioelements wanted to find a way to help make a difference,” says Barbara Salomone, president and founder. “We found that The Nature Conservancy is working to assess, protect, and restore what has been ruined by the oil spill. Now we want to get the word out to anyone who wants to join us and make a donation if they can, or just help spread the word.” If you’re interested in contributing to the cause, log on here.

Get Tips to Help Make Every Day Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Although we should all be doing our part to help keep the environment clean on a daily basis, we can use today as the ideal time to re-evaluate what we are currently doing to be green and look for ways to continue helping the planet. In our April issue, Green Spa Network’s Rhana Pytell offered some small, but meaningful, ways to green your spa. For example:

• Designate a green team leader to promote sustainability practices and initiatives, research industry trends, and provide ongoing education.

• Replace cleaning items that contain volatile organic compound (VOC) content.

• Choose filtered water over bottled water.

• Review your lighting needs, prepare a plan, and budget to update your lighting to energy-efficient bulbs.

• Reuse plastic gift cards.

• Select products that have been produced without pesticides and herbicides that pollute our water.

• Join an organization that is dedicated to improving the planet.

These are just a few useful tips Pytell shared. To read the full article, click here.

Do you have any unique tips to share on how you keep your spa green?

Exhale Honors Earth Day

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, which takes places April 22. But at Exhale Mind Body Spa locations around the world, the celebration lasts for two months. Guests receive a $10 discount on any $50 purchase of services and products from the spa’s GRN line throughout the months of April and May.

Grow. Restore. Nurture. (GRN) by Exhale is an eco-conscious, paraben-free skincare line designed to heal and transform the skin from the inside out. Each and every component was carefully chosen to embody Exhale’s dedication to health, beauty, and the sustainability of both their guests and the environment. These products extend beyond treating the outer skin by addressing the inner issues that contribute to healthy skin, and by embracing components of nutrition, exercise, and relaxation. The products are used in several signature treatments, including the GRN Facial, the GRN Manicure, and the GRN pedicure, and they are also available in all Exhale retail areas.

But Exhale’s efforts are just a small sampling of the spa industry’s efforts on behalf of Earth Day. Be sure to check out our April issue for more about what spas are doing to save the planet. Along with an article from the Green Spa Network that provides tips for greening your spa, we also highlight eco-conscious products, treatments, and more.

What are you doing to go green this month? Share your comments here.

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