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Boom Boom! Cards Help Inspire
Random Acts of Kindness

I’ve always been a big fan of paying it forward. That’s why when I read about Boom Boom! Cards, I was intrigued. Each deck contains 26 individual act of kindness that are meant to be performed and then paid forward. For instance, one reads, “Unexpectedly pick up the tab, even if it’s not a special occasion.” You can register your cards online in the Boom Boom! Community at, where stories, videos, and photos of altruistic acts are posted. You can also track the cards as they get passed around the world. An ideal spa retail item, these cards can help bring a smile to anyone’s day. They certainly did mine. Helps Girls Exercise in Style

I’m such a girly-girl at heart and, as such, I always choose to wear flirty skirts and dresses instead of pants whenever I can. So, when I was recently introduced to the website, it was a dream come true! The site specializes in designing and distributing super-cute ladies running skirts, available in a variety of colors and patterns. I chose the Azure Dot Running Skirt (shown here) as my first purchase, and I was so excited to test it out for the first time on one of my early morning runs in Central Park. The super-light wicking fabric, flattering flat waistband, and attached mesh brief with reverse seams make the skirt not only adorable but also comfortable. It also has two Velcro side pockets for my keys and iPod. Just when I thought I couldn’t enjoy a good run any more, it turns out looking cute while exercising makes it even more fun! Check out the skirts by clicking here.

WaterGeeks Offers On-The-Go Water Filtration Bottles

My co-workers make fun of me on a daily basis because I am never seen walking around the office without a bottle of water in hand. I consciously try to keep hydrated at all times, as I realize the benefits of drinking plenty of water for my skin and overall health. However, living in New York, City, I don’t exactly trust the water that comes from the tap, which both smells and tastes terrible. But buying 10-plus bottles of water per day not only costs a fortune but it is also environmentally irresponsible. Now, thanks to the fine folks at WaterGeeks, I no longer have to struggle with this issue. The company recently introduced the Pure Blue Filtered Bottle, a portable, affordable solution created to reduce chlorine, chromium, heavy metals, and other contaminants found in tap water. The filter capacity is 80 gallons (which is about 800 12-ounce servings), so it doesn’t have to be changed often. The bottles are available in a variety of colors, so I can even look stylish while drinking responsibly! To find out more or to order your own bottle, click here.

Bath By Bettijo Offers Relief in a Stick

Today marks the 12th consecutive rainy day in New York City, which has put almost everyone here in a grumpy mood. Luckily, though, it is supposed to clear up by the holiday weekend, and Al Roker is claiming we will see temperatures hitting 80 F and sunny skies. I am really counting on that, as I plan to spend a few days at the beach. Almost nothing can turn my frown around faster than basking in the warm sun, feeling sand under my feet, and listening to the ocean. The one thing that has the ability to interfere with a perfect day down the shore, however, is the pesky little gnats and mosquitoes that seem to be especially attracted to me. Like most people, it makes me nervous to use most bug sprays because of the chemicals, and I usually just end up with itchy welts all over my body. So, I was excited to learn about the Organic Aromatherapy Urgent Care Tea Tree Blemish Stick from Bath By Bettijo. Although it is not a bug deterrent, this pocket-sized roll-on can come in handy after-the-fact, as it was designed to provide quick relief from bug bites, cold sores, acne, and minor cuts and burns. It contains a combination of skin-healing organic ingredients, including Tea Tree oil, to knock out bacteria, soothe the skin, and promote healing. Hopefully, I won’t need to even use it in the first place, but if I do, I’ll keep you posted on its effectiveness.

Serene House Introduces “Scents” of Style

My sister, like most people, likes for her house to smell fresh and clean, yet inviting. For years, she kept a different scented candle in each room to evoke a mood: apple-pie scented in the kitchen, a vanilla aroma in the family room, a freshly cleansed linen smell in the bathroom. But now that she has three young kids running around the house, having open flames obviously isn’t a good idea, but the alternatives weren’t pleasing to her either. She didn’t want to spray anything in the air and didn’t like the way those plug-in fresheners look. Well, I think I just discovered the perfect solution with the Scentilizer Collection from Serene House. This fragrance collection offers seven  scents available in a variety of super-cute designs. They gently release a combination of essential oils and water into the air, producing a fragrant vapor that also reduces the dryness of indoor air. The coolest part? Select Scentilizers come with a built-in speaker and a stream of pre-programmed relaxing music, or users can plus an MP3, MP4, or CD player right into the unit to play their own music! Perfect for the treatment room or as a retail item, this fragrance collection will help anyone enjoy the sweet smell of relaxation.

Listen Up…

My coworker and good friend (I won’t name names here) has a habit of cracking her knuckles quite often. Although I love her dearly, every time I hear her doing this, it drives me crazy. Like everyone, there are just certain sounds that are close to intolerable to me. But last evening when I came across a book on one of the shelves in our office called 100 Sounds to See (Health Communications, 2010), I was intrigued. Upon looking through it, I realized that, although I am quick to recognize the sounds that drive me batty, I take for granted the sounds that soothe my soul and put a smile on my face. As author Marsha Engle began slowly losing her hearing, she decided to collaborate with photographer William J. Huber to capture her favorite sounds through photographs, and the results are breathtaking. From the image of a flag unfurling in a breeze to the shuffle of a deck of cards, each stunning photograph is a reminder to the reader to take some time to appreciate the gift of hearing. Experience the power of this amazing book for yourself by clicking here.

Chiva-Som Launches Skincare Line

Many guests often wish they could bottle the relaxing and rejuvenating effects a spa visit has to offer. With that in mind Chiva-Som (Hua Hin, Thailand), one of the world’s leading destination spas, is now retailing its resort products for at-home use. Chiva-Som’s luxurious line of products incorporates traditional Asian healing ingredients with the latest skincare technologies. Staying dedicated to its holistic approach, the Chiva-Som line was created by experts combining aromatherapy, botany, chemistry, and perfumery. The products range from 95 to 100 percent pure and are free of parabens and other chemicals. Designed for both women and men, there are 12 skincare products, seven bodycare products, and five massage oils, all of which offer the same quality that guests have come to know and expect. Guests will look like they just stepped out of the spa without leaving the comfort of home.

OKA b. Puts “Spring” in Your Step with New Collection

I first discovered OKA b. sandals at a spa years ago, and I loved them so much I purchased my very first pair that day from the spa’s retail area. Not only do I enjoy the way the company’s signature reflexology-inspired massage beads feel but I especially love the variety of super cute designs, including the new 2011 Spring/Summer Collection. Capitalizing on a brighter future, the line features a cheerful palette, with the majority of sandals with a price point under $30. The collection includes unique combinations, such as the Cherry Tiffany with leopard bows, the Berry Erin with stacked floral rings, the Grass Green Anita with striped bow ties, the Popsicle Pink Angelica with patent leather flowers, and the Kiwi Alice with white candy flowers. “Our country has been in an economic slump that’s affected everyone’s mood, no matter what the market,” says vice president Kelly Schmidt. “And we’re finally starting to turn a corner and see our nation prosper. We wanted our collection to reflect that hope and positive outlook and give people something to smile about as they step into spring.”

KindNotes Offers Hope (or Love,
Or Friendship, or Laughter) in A Jar

A few weeks ago on my way home from work, I went into a Hallmark store to quickly pick up a birthday card for a friend. Forty-five minutes later I found myself at the check-out line with 12 cards, some of which I wasn’t even sure who would be the recipient. They ranged from cheesy puns to inspirational messages, all of which I appreciated equally. So when I recently learned about KindNotes, I was immediately smitten by the concept. A perfect gift for anyone, KindNotes is a beautifully decorated jar containing 31 individual sayings and quotations stuffed into mini-envelopes that can be opened and enjoyed. Customers choose the notes they want to include, or they can choose to personalize all 31 notes with their own words. Even better, KindNotes offers an array of themes to suit any relationship or event, from sisters to children to long-distance couples. Ideal for Valentine’s Day is A Daily Dose of My Love. It’s the perfect way to get your message across, whether it is a serious sentiment, a fun snippet, or a variety, much like my greeting card selection.

Get Your Clients Organized with The Purse PAK

On a daily basis I search my purse looking for important items and wonder how my purse somehow became an abyss. I am sure to find loose pennies or other items that I have no need for at the bottom of my bag, and with my lack of foresight I always end up borrowing that Tide Stick or mirror from a friend. With the advent of the New Year, I realized that its time to get organized, and I am sure many women are ready to do the same. To help simplify our lives, The Purse PAK has introduced the ideal way for active women to be prepared for any situation. An ideal point-of-purchase option for your retail area, the PAK is a lightweight and stylish cosmetic case loaded with up to 30 personal care items including breath spray, fashion tape, and nail clippers. It comes in three sizes with prices starting at just $30. Check out to see what other essentials are in The PAK and help your clients get organized today!

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