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What Has Helped Your Spa Survive
this Economic Downturn?

By Guest Blogger | Feb 3, 2010

jillianwright3“In business, relationships and thinking outside the box are your two strongest allies. Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the recession, I needed to move my spa. With that, came the name and phone number change. Luckily for social networking, it has been easy for my clients to find us on Twitter and Facebook. With all these drastic changes during a very difficult economic time, a little humility goes a long way. We send out email blasts to our current clients with spa deals and upgrades. We connect with local businesses and give their patrons added value services. With all the media attention we receive, our fabulous new location and word-of-mouth referrals, we still had to think outside the box. We were introduced to To gain a fresh new audience, we offered a massage deal on, which exploded! We sold more than 1,750 massages in one day, which made everyone happy. The staff and the clients are so appreciative. It makes for a very positive 2010. As a spa owner, you have to roll with the times and be flexible. The ultimate survival mechanism is a strong mind, a viable business, and happy clients.”—Jillian Wright, owner, Jillian Wright Clinical Skin Spa (New York City)

What Has Helped Your Spa Survive
This Economic Downturn?

By Guest Blogger | Feb 2, 2010

USC1008134“Having survived three recessions in 26 years, I thought I was ready for just about anything. But this was a year to remember. It required a whole new level of understanding and a new way of thinking—inside the box. Forced to go back to basics, our team at FACES DaySpa studied every aspect of the business in every imaginable way to maximize every touch point. From the time we answer the phone to when we see the client, we’re always thinking, ‘Is there absolutely anything more we can do to maximize the opportunity.’ And now looking back on our results, we have a new sense that we can do anything.”—Patricia Owen, president, FACES DaySpa (Hilton Head Island, SC)

What Is Your New Year’s Business Resolution?

By Guest Blogger | Jan 26, 2010

kimhuber2“My resolution is to simplify and go back to the basics and the root of who we are. Pinehurst Resort was founded as a health resort. We provide therapies not treatments. Our spa experience is about relaxation, lifestyle change, inner calm, stress reduction, balance, and the healing power of touch. Our 2010 Spa Marketing/Event Calendar is focused on a few very good events and offerings rather than having an extensive monthly lineup. When things change, if you do not change along with them, you will probably not make it.”—Kim Parker, spa director, The Spa at Pinehurst (Village of Pinehurst, NC)

What Is Your New Year’s Business Resolution?

By Guest Blogger | Jan 21, 2010

angela2-2009“This year, as my management team and I pondered what we would do different in 2010, we decided to dispense with the usual resolutions that are forgotten by Valentine’s Day, and instead, each pick one word that would help guide us through the year. My word is ‘joy,’ so that I remember to find joy in every day, no matter how dark a day it is. There is joy every day, if we choose to find it. That joy will then radiate out to others, and hopefully, it will brighten their lives as well.”—Angela Cortright, owner/founder, Spa Gregorie’s (Rancho Santa Margarita, Newport, and Del Mar, CA)

What Is Your New Year’s Business Resolution?

By Guest Blogger | Jan 18, 2010

libby-staples1“As we near the end of our first year of business and head into 2010, I am reflecting on what an exciting time it is to be a part of The Spa at Omni Mount Washington Resort. To be able to help open this gorgeous state-of-the-art facility has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. When thinking about my business goals for 2010, I want to continue to create lasting memories for our guests and increase our levels of service. But what drives success? I have lists of business resolutions, but all boil down to one simple truth, if you love what you do, all will fall into place. My passionate and dedicated staff reminds me of this daily. This is what makes us so successful, and this is my personal and professional goal for 2010. In the words of Rumi, ‘Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.’”—Libby Staples, spa director, The Spa at Omni Mount Washington Resort (Bretton Woods, NH)

What is Your New Year’s Business Resolution?

By Guest Blogger | Jan 14, 2010

travis-kono11“In Hawaii, ho’omaka symbolizes a fresh start and new beginnings, a perfect reference to what we feel will be a dynamic new year. At the Kahala Hotel & Resort, our wish for 2010 is to reinforce traditional Hawaiian healing practices in all of our programs and to be relentless about educating ourselves, whether alongside respected kupuna (elders) or through the use of indigenous materials. We are committed to providing authentic experiences for our guests and to sharing the extraordinary traditions for which Hawaii is most noted.”—Travis Kono, spa director, The Kahala Spa at The Kahala Hotel & Resort (Honolulu)

What Is Your New Year’s Business Resolution?

By Guest Blogger | Jan 5, 2010

patty3This past year proved challenging with guests calling the day prior or day of to reserve their spa appointments. In the past, most guests would arrange their spa plans a week or two ahead of time if not more. With a down economy, you can imagine that there has been a drop in business, so guests are being more frugal with their spending. These changes provide an opportunity for spas to become more creative with marketing and managing productivity and yield management. The economy also created more fear and instability among the spa staff, so it has been an ongoing effort to maintain a positive environment and provide them with the work that they need. This year, my resolution is to increase our marketing in all areas—internet, local and regional markets, hotel packages, and more—so that there is a greater awareness of the spa.”—Patty Field, spa director, Raindance Spa at The Lodge at Sonoma, a Renaissance Resort & Spa (CA)

What Is Your New Year’s Business Resolution?

By Guest Blogger | Jan 4, 2010

stillwater-spa1“The new year brings the promise of renewal and the opportunity to begin again. The 2009 global recession has left its impact on our clients creating an opportunity to do business in a new way. In 2010, Stillwater Spa will further develop recession-proof initiatives that have been created from listening to the needs of our clients. The new year has the potential to be an exceptional year; clients will seek spa experiences that are authentic, results driven, and economical. Our business resolution for 2010 will be to seamlessly deliver those experiences in a new economy.”—Charlotte Michael, spa director, Stillwater Spa at Hyatt Regency Newport (RI)

What Is Your New Year’s Business Resolution?

By Guest Blogger | Dec 29, 2009

benchmark-verone280a6paquet-jpeg“My 2010 business resolution is to listen. It may sound silly, but I challenge anyone to truly listen to their guests and employees. Increased guest loyalty will be our spa’s continued key to success for 2010 and beyond. I believe firmly that if we continue to listen to what our guests and employees are asking for, which yes, might require us to make exceptions from time to time to accommodate our guests needs, to get creative, or to react and adapt, that the end result will lead to loyalty among our guests and employees. I want each guest that visits Springs Eternal Spa to feel valued and continue choosing our spa. Let’s face it, our guests have choices in the industry. With more than 18,000 spas alone in just the United States, this billion-dollar industry continues to grow year after year at an approximate rate of 20 percent, according to ISPA. What will set Springs Eternal Spa apart is our ability to react to our guests by simply listening.”—Véronique Paquet, spa director, Springs Eternal Spa at Omni Bedford Springs Resort (PA)

What Has Been the Most Challenging
Aspect of my Job This Year?

By Guest Blogger | Dec 17, 2009

att00210“I would have to say that would be not being able to provide service providers with their full-time schedules and having to reduce spa staff as well as spa hours. As we know, the economy has hit spa resorts very hard with group business declining and vacations cancelled. Emotions can run high when one’s paycheck is reduced or non-existent. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful team that is patient and believes in me as a director. We have come up with some great incentives to gain the foot traffic of our locals and a great birthday celebration promotion that features a complimentary treatment for those celebrating birthdays in the current month. I am very proud of my spa team and know we will face challenges ahead, but I am certain we will come through this a better, stronger spa and very much focused on providing even more exceptional service for our guests.”—Lory Plaster, spa director, Hyatt Grand Champions Resort Villas and Spa (Indian Wells, CA)

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