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How Do You Make Your Retail Area Stand Out?

By Guest Blogger | Sep 28, 2010

“When presenting our retail area to guests, we always use well-lit space. Whether a beautiful custom display case or a niche in a wall, we want the retail to really pop. We find lighting the products attracts attention, and we support the lighting by presenting colorful and unique packaging for our products. A bright and cheerful color stands out under the lighting and attracts guests to the displays. Lastly, we always have a featured product for the day, and guests are encouraged to sample it. Through combining these techniques, our retail space has become an excellent source of added revenue.”—Jaime Milanick, spa director, The Spa at Hammock Beach Resort (Palm Coast, FL)

How Do You Make Your Retail Area Stand Out?

By Guest Blogger | Sep 13, 2010

“Here at The Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda, we have been very successful so far this year and have increased our retail sales by 65 percent over last year. When it comes to retail, I think the basics are most important. You need to have clean, neatly organized shelves everyday. You need to ensure all of your retail items are restocked daily. Simple things like items missing a price tag could result in a lost sale. Product testers on the retail shelf also play an important role, as customers like to touch, feel, and smell the products they are interested in. Here at the Willow Stream Spa, we like to give an added touch of personalized service. Following each spa experience, our therapists will place a small tray in the retail area with products personally chosen for each client. Retail areas can sometimes be overwhelming and intimidating with lots of products from which to choose. The personalized retail trays make it easy for customers to find the products recommended for their needs. Finally, success comes from creating a retail culture within the spa team. Retail needs to be talked about everyday and encouraged with all staff members. Also, be sure to celebrate your successes.—Kenneth Ryan, executive director, Spa & Leisure Operations, Willow Stream Spa at The Fairmont Southampton (Bermuda)

How Do You Make Your Retail Area Stand Out?

By Guest Blogger | Sep 2, 2010

“Our savvy guests desire products that are clean for the earth while also luxurious and results oriented, so we feature the local Vapour Organic Beauty makeup line, the El Monte Sagrado Living Resort & Spa private label, Naturopathica eco-certified facial skincare, and SpaRitual vegan nailcare. Guests can also take the healing aspects of our spa home with them. Our signature Sagrado High Desert Body Treatment features a locally produced Living Spa exclusive product available in our retail store that infuses the essence of cedar and sage oils, reminiscent of Taos after a summer rain.”—Monica Munoz, spa director, The Living Spa at El Monte Sagrado (Taos, NM)

How Do You Think Spas Can Improve Their Skincare Menus to Give Their Clients More Value?

By Guest Blogger | Jul 27, 2010

“One suggestion is to have a separate menu for men’s and teen’s skin treatments. The spas I have advised on this simple but effective approach have noted higher activity with respect to these two important client demographics to boost their clientele. Another suggestion is to have a smaller menu printed for these two categories, which you can then hand out to your female clients to take home to their husbands, boyfriends, teens, friends, and co-workers. The point is to get your message out to as many individuals about the treatments your spa offers. And what better way is there? Think about how you take a food menu home or to the office and order accordingly because it is so convenient and right there at your disposal. It makes total marketing sense that can translate into dollar cents.”—Christine Heathman, CEO, president, and founder, Glymed Plus Skincare

Summer Sun Tip: Slather Your Feet With Sunscreen

I’m a person who wears flip-flops nearly every day of the summer, so a recent press release from New York City podiatrist, Oliver Zong, M.D., of NYC Footcare, served as a very good reminder about my daily sunscreen application practices. According to Dr. Zong, it’s important to remember that skin cancer can affect any part of the body, including the feet. Unfortunately, people often forget their feet when protecting their skin from the sun. Even fewer think to check their feet for suspicious moles or markings. He points out that malignant melanoma of the lower extremities usually occurs on the soles of the feet, in the spaces between the toes, in the areas around the nails, and even under the nails. Take this as a reminder to be thorough in your daily sunscreen application—and don’t forget your feet! It is also equally important to do self-examinations, and if you detect any changes to a mole or skin lesion, Dr. Zong recommends visiting with your dermatologist as soon as possible. We all love a little summer sun, but as we enter the hottest months of the year with the most dangerous sun exposure risk, take a moment to slather on some sunscreen and be sweet to your feet!

What Are Some of the Most Effective Ways You’ve Managed to Improve Customer Service?

By Guest Blogger | Jul 6, 2010

“Spa Mirbeau’s staff is committed to providing professional and personalized service that exceeds our guests’ expectations. We maintain a detailed guest history, which includes preferences on beverages, products, therapists, and treatments; escort every guest when possible; and anticipate the guest’s needs with an ‘offering before being asked’ approach to service. We also provide testers with brief demos for all spa products that are carried in our retail store. Operationally, the spa managers and supervisors conduct daily role-playing sessions with our staff to ensure that their comfort level is to a point where all service steps are delivered in a comfortable and natural manner. Training alone can inform your staff on what to do, but if the delivery is awkward then it undermines the effort made to exceed the guest’s expectations.”—Chris Pulito, general manager, Mirbeau Inn & Spa (Skaneateles, NY)

What Are Some of the Most Effective Ways You’ve Managed to Improve Customer Service?

By Guest Blogger | Jul 1, 2010

“The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Naples maintains excellent customer service by instilling in our team the importance of our Ritz-Carlton credo: ‘….the genuine care and comfort of our guests is our highest mission.’ I believe continuous education is the most important ingredient to a successful and aligned team. It provides consistency in service and instills in each employee an understanding of wellness and balance. Throughout the year, we bring in a variety of experts, from a professional development coach to wellness gurus and spa management consultants to ensure that each member of our spa team never stops learning, and in turn, our guests receive first class service.”—Michelle Kelthy, spa director, The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Naples (FL)

What Plans Do You Have For the Spa
For the Upcoming Summer Season?

“The summer in New York City lends itself to exciting parties, weekends in the Hamptons, and looking fabulous. We will focus our treatments around summer trends in order to cater to our clients needs. For example, we have created some summer packages such as the Break Out Bikini ($100, 75 minutes), which includes a bikini wax, a body scrub, and a spray tan. From a marketing standpoint, summer is a time to create mini getaways for those not traveling. We try to add little luxuries to our treatments, such as complimentary mini add-ons like foot scrubs with citrus-infused sea salt, deep cleansing scalp treatments, and cooling leg gel massages, as well as offer indulgent spa treats and cool drinks at check in, and wrap the cost of take-home products into the service price. I also check out local boutiques, many of which are promoting new bathing suit and shoe designers, as well as jewelers with hot up-to-the-minute summer lines, and then tap into these launches by creating a gift-with-purchase gift certificate, such as express pedicures, manicures, and spray tans to be handed out at point of purchase. This is a great way to reach out to our target demographic and gain exposure.”—Margaret Lora, spa director, Spa Merge (New York City)

What Plans Do You Have For the Spa
For the Upcoming Summer Season?

By Guest Blogger | May 18, 2010

“We all know about the protection we need from the sun, so this summer season we will be highlighting summer-long specials on facials. We’ll offer a gift with purchase that includes a cosmetic bag, a sun hat, and sunscreen products from Eminence Organic Skin Care and Skinceuticals. Midweek discounts on facials and seasonal makeup specials will also be a part of the lineup. Our team is ready to help our guests look and feel their best while providing them with a brief escape from the busy summer we know they have planned. We’ll also include special offers on our website, so guests can plan accordingly. At The Spa at Saybrook Point Inn, it’s all about celebrating summer.”—Marie Baumuller, spa & wellness director, The Spa at Saybrook Point Inn (Old Saybrook, CT)

What Has Helped Your Spa Survive
this Economic Downturn?

“Providing extra value for services performed and unexpected touches with each of our guests has helped our spa survive. We started offering complimentary 15 to 30 minute upgrades (mini scrubs or extra massage time) for those guests who book specific treatments on a special day such as birthdays or anniversaries. Everyone loves to treat themselves for a special moment, sometimes no matter the cost! And sharing a daily laugh with our front line staff who create the spa experiences has greatly improved the energy of the entire team.”—Todd Hewitt, spa director, The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo (Guanacaste)

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