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Liven Up Your Workout With Two New iPhone Apps

As a former couch potato, I know the challenges of getting motivated to exercise. For me, music plays such a vital role in getting me pumped for a workout, whether it’s spinning or yoga. So I was excited to learn that PS Ventures Limited has created a way to integrate music into fitness programs with the release of two iPhone apps. “Music Interval Training Tool” and ”Workout Music Timer” are now available to download for the iPhone and iPod Touch. These two apps use the principle of managing listeners’ state of mind throughout their workouts by allowing them to create play lists for exercising at different levels of intensity.

The Music Interval Training Tool is a countdown timer designed for interval training, allowing the user to create a custom play list for low to high intensity workouts with music automatically changing through each phase, while the Workout Music Timer is a more conventional stopwatch, featuring three different intensity music play lists. Listeners can move between play lists at the touch of a button and track down how long they have been exercising at each intensity level. It’s the perfect motivation for making working out feel like less work and more fun. Click here to check out available apps.

Yoga-Paws Redesigns the “Yoga Mat Your Wear”

Although I love doing yoga, it is no secret that I am not coordinated at all. So when I originally learned about Yoga-Paws about five years ago, I was so excited. Touted as the “yoga mat you wear,” Yoga-Paws are lightweight mini-mats worn on the hands and feet to provide slip control so that yoga can be practiced safer and more comfortably (and mat-free, if you choose). Originally launched in 2003, the company has recently compiled feedback from fans and instructors and invested in research and development to improve the product. Available this fall, the new Yoga-Paws hand units will feature eco-friendly TPE material with a curved ergonomic design and external seams, similar to driving gloves, for added comfort and mobility. The foot units will feature a heal strap to prevent movement, as well as a smooth, Lycra-spandex material that adjusts to provide a closer fit for various foot sizes. With accessories making it this easy and comfortable, there is no excuse not to say “om.” Check out the products here.

Spa-goers at Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa
Take a Hike with The Biggest Losers

This weekend, guests at Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa (AZ) can find new inspiration for achieving their weight-loss goals thanks to the three-day Take a Hike package (starting at $994). Hosted by Bill and Jim Germanakos, twin brothers from the reality weight-loss show “The Biggest Loser,” the program includes three nights accommodation, a welcome party, morning workouts, yoga, two hikes with lunch, two seminars, and a closing dinner. The Germanakos will share their personal stories to help motivate spa-going participants shed unwanted pounds and attain their own weight-loss success. Having visited the property years ago, I’m sure many will be paying a visit to The Spa at Sedona Rouge to recover from their outdoor pursuits. It was definitely a highlight of my visit to Red Rock Country.

GlobalFit Helps Promote Healthy Living

Living in New York City, it is sometimes quicker to walk places than it is to take a cab or the subway, which I realized is quite beneficial after reading an email from GlobalFit, an online provider of benefits for healthy living. The report listed a variety of popular foods, along with the number of steps it takes to burn off the calories, based on an average calorie burn for a 150-lb person, and the results were surprising to me Here is a sampling:

• One serving of mashed potatoes: 1,540 steps
• One serving of chocolate ice cream: 1,980 steps
• Large French fries: 6,000 steps
• A slice of pepperoni pizza: 4,560 steps
• A Cheeseburger: 3,840 steps
• 16 potato chips: 1,800 steps
• A mug of beer: 1,680 steps
• A chocolate chip cookie: 2,520 steps

Even foods that are considered healthy require a considerable amount of steps to burn off calories, such as:

• A banana: 1,068 steps
• A navel orange: 828 steps
• A hardboiled egg: 936 steps
• 14 baby carrots: 672 steps

Luckily, GlobalFit offers online visitors a variety of options to help them stay healthy and keep the calories offer through education, community support, and incentives, but the benefits are not available to the general public. An employer or insurance provider must belong to the network. If you are interested in offering your staff an added incentive to stay healthy, your company can become a GlobalFit sponsor by clicking here.

Sedona Rouge Guests Can Take a
Hike With ‘The Biggest Loser’

Fitness fanatics and those seeking to slim down can now experience the shape up secrets of the much acclaimed reality weight loss show, “The Biggest Loser,” for themselves and lose weight alongside former contestants while having fun in the sun. This summer, two of the shows most notable contestants, twin brothers Bill and Jim Germanakos, have teamed up with the Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa (Sedona, AZ) to bring participants a weight loss adventure of a lifetime through the Take a Hike program. This three-day weight loss program ($550 per person), which takes place Aug. 19-21, gives participants a chance to lose weight alongside the Germanakos brothers with Red Rock hikes, mountain biking, workouts, nutritional lectures, motivational talks, and social gatherings. The Germanako brothers have always listened to their father George’s advice, “The only way to get something done, is to get it started. Get it started, and you’re on your way!” For guests of Sedona Rouge, this powerful program can help them kick-start their wellness wishes and get on the path to better health.

Consider a Sports Massage to Treat Your Inner Athlete

While the NBA playoffs are almost over with just one or two more games left to determine who will claim victory in the battle between the Boston Celtics and LA Lakers, sports enthusiasts needn’t fret. The World Cup kicks off tomorrow in South Africa, guaranteeing another month of good-natured sports rivalry. For those who prefer to participate in more active ways than chugging yet another beer in their favorite sports bar, well, there are a host of spas ready to accommodate their every sore muscle with a therapeutic sports massage. Here are just a few we wouldn’t mind trying ourselves:

Exhale Mindbodyspa (national)

Exhale’s signature mind body therapy, Body Enlightening, incorporates yoga contact work, assisted stretching, relaxation, and body alignment. It’ll leave [you] feeling balanced, elongated, and spirited.

Ivy Spa Club (Minneapolis)

The spa’s Before Workout Massage lengthens and loosens muscles, increases circulation and nutrient flow, and helps sports fans gear up for activity…even voracious cheering. Ivy Spa Club’s After Workout Massage flushes toxins, increases nutrient flow, and helps weekend warriors regain muscle length and range of motion.

Red Mountain Sagestone Spa (St. George, UT)

A must for adventure-seekers, the Red Rock Hiker’s Massage focuses on the legs. A potent fusion of peppermint, menthol, and eucalyptus provides muscle and joint relief while a marine mud pack on the legs draws out toxins and improves circulation.

Spring Training Continues with Exhale’s
New Core Fusion Cardio Class

In my ongoing attempt to take my fitness regimen to the next level, I spent last Saturday morning in a Core Fusion Cardio class at Exhale mind body spa (New York City). A challenging workout to say the least, this 60-minute class builds strength, increases flexibility, and improves cardio conditioning. It incorporates moves from Exhale’s proprietary Core Fusion, Core Fusion Yoga, and Core Fusion Sport classes and gives them an additional cardio element to help burn extra calories. When all was said and done, I left the class feeling as if I had worked every muscle, which was pretty much every muscle that needed to be worked.

Snake Yoga Slithers Into the
Spa at the Sonoma Mission Inn

As you may have read early this week, I’ve most certainly got Wine Country fever. So when I heard about a fun new fitness offering at the Spa at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn, I was thrilled to discover another reason to head west again soon. The spa is helping yoga aficionados shed their winter workout blahs with Snake Yoga workshops.

Snake Yoga is a practice that helps strengthen and lengthen the spine and is designed to energize the kundalini, or sacred life force, represented as the serpent in the spine. Le’ema Kathleen Graham, creator of Snake Yoga, will be hosting training sessions on April 24 and May 22 from 1 to 3 p.m. for $45 per person. Along with two hours of instruction, guests will also receive all-day spa privileges at the acclaimed resort including access to the indoor signature European-style bathing ritual and outdoor thermal pools.

“It is a great honor to welcome Le’ ema and her Snake Yoga practice to the resort,” says Sheri Claflin, director of spa operations. “The titles of her poses are changed from the traditional Sanskrit/English versions so that they may be seen from a new perspective. These names reflect her connection to snakes as creative beings, as well as to esoteric principles, symbols and myths from various cultures.”

Though I’m not a fan of slithering serpents, this is one fitness solution I think I’d like to sample.

Loews Hotels Helps Guests and Their Pets Shape Up

loews_pumped_up_pets_picAs a travel aficionado, a wannabe exercise lover, and the owner of an overweight bulldog, I was excited to hear about a new program from Loews Hotels. The company has just debuted the Pumped-Up Pets package (starting at $124 per night), which includes a deluxe room, workout tips for both the guest and their pet, a Zisc dog Frisbee, and a specially-created and veterinarian-approved “Scratch My Flat Belly” meal for pets.

Studies show that people who diet and exercise with their pet stick to it, well, like a dog with a bone! In fact, research conducted by Northwestern Memorial Hospital revealed that more than 60 percent of people who began an eating and exercise program with their pets stuck to the program for a year. Loews is making it easy to get started—the package is offered at 17 Loews Hotels throughout the U.S. and Canada and is available through May 1, 2010. Winston and I can’t wait to sign up!

For more information, call (800) 23-LOEWS or visit

New Yorkers Can Enjoy Life on The Dealist

salsa-dancingBefore every Cuban wedding I attend—and being a Miami girl, I’ve attended my fair share—I always swear that I’m going to take salsa lessons to prep for the occasion. In my defense, I can hold my own on the dance floor, but there really is no method to my madness. I normally swirl and twirl as directed by whoever my dance partner might be and I always remember to smile. Well, taking salsa lessons was one of my New Year’s resolutions and, thanks to an email I received from this week, I’m going to cross that task off my list soon.

“Something Great to Do,” is the tagline for, a free, daily email newsletter for bargain-loving New Yorkers. My future salsa class—pole dancing is also being offered in case I change my mind—at Zack’s Dance Loft is normally $40, but I paid only $25. Much like the other offer this week—$59 for four classes at Pilates on Fifth—the site gives you great excuses to get off the couch and start tackling your New Year’s resolutions.

Not only is this site great for fitness fiends but it also caters to beauty junkies. Past offers have included a $99 Brazilian Waxing package at Boom Boom Beauty Bar, a $79 Body and Head Massage at Fine Living New York Ayurvedic, and $25 Hot Shaves and Haircuts from New York Shaving Co. Have any ideas for new promotions? Want to promote your business and get fresh faces through the door? Search for the “Submit Ideas” tab on the website and get ready to make a deal!

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