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New Book Offers Insight on Achieving Beautiful Skin

Board-certified dermatologist Paul M. Friedman, M.D., offers his expert view on common skin conditions and treatments that work in Beautiful Skin Revealed: The Ultimate Guide to Better Skin (Sandow Media, 2010). The book, which Friedman co-authored, provides readers with the science of why skin conditions occur, before and after photos of real patients, testimonials, and information on the latest skin treatment options. From acne, rosacea, and leg veins to lasers and injections, this book covers a wide range of skincare topics for clients of all ages and skin types.

Soundings of the Planet Releases Meditation DVD

Soundings of the Planet released a Meditation Moods DVD. Based on the Meditation Moods CD that features the soothing music of flute, harp, and keyboards by Dean and Dudley Evenson, the DVD includes the same music as well as 66 minutes of stunning nature videography and three guided meditations with music and nature scenes.

Signing Off: Libra

By Guest Blogger | Oct 1, 2010

“Pleasure-seeking Librans are very much at home in spas, where they can indulge their sybaritic natures and their desire to surround themselves with beauty. While they appear cool and composed on the outside, inside they may carry their fair share of stress caused by the agitation they feel when life doesn’t appear to carry the sense of justice for which they so diligently strive. Because their sign rules the skin in wellness astrology, luxurious skincare treatments may be the services de rigueur for Libran clients.”—Stephanie Gailing

Stephanie Gailing, MS, CN, is a professional astrologer and nutritionist with more than 16 years of experience. The author of Planetary Apothecary: An Astrological Approach to Health and Wellness (Crossing Press, 2009), Gailing writes “Signing Off,” a monthly column for American Spa that gives guidance on using the stars to cater to clientele. To check out Gailing’s blog, click For further Libra insights, turn to page 128 of American Spa’s October issue.

Spa Week Introduces First-Ever Spa Music Video

Have a few minutes to spare? Click here to check out the music video, “I Get Naked at the Spa: The Musical,” presented by Spa Week. The video, which was written and performed by rock comedian Brian Smith, was created to answer frequently asked spa etiquette questions in a humorous way. The release of the video coincides with Spa Week, which is currently taking place on the West Coast and Chicago until September 19th and on the East Coast, Midwest, and Toronto Oct. 11-17.

A New Book Celebrates the Beauty of Curly Girls

Lorraine Massey and Kara Baranski

Although I typically have straight hair, there is a part of me that has always coveted curls. Earlier this week, I attended an event at Devachan, a salon specializing in curly hair. The event was celebrating the launch of owner Lorraine Massey’s new book, Curly Girl: The Handbook (Workman Publishing, February 2011). American Spa’s art director, Kara Baranski, has gorgeous curls galore, so I figured the event would be right up her alley, and, indeed, it was. Shortly after our arrival, Kara was whisked away for a curl makeover. She even got to meet Massey, her curl idol. Even I got swept up in the excitement when one of the stylists there revealed curls I never knew I had. They say blondes have more fun, but I think curly girls may have them beat. Look for more on the book in an upcoming issue.

Spa Pantry Offers Treatment Recipes

The Spa Pantry Treatment Rituals Cookbook, distributed by Universal Companies, features 100 recipes designed to help create unique ritual treatments. The book also comes with a disk filled with 60 spa images to help market rituals, an ingredient reference guide, and more than 300 ideas and tips to create the perfect ritual experience. Recipes include five core treatments, four seasonal treatments, a romantic treatment, and Eastern-inspired treatments.

Liven Up Your Workout With Two New iPhone Apps

As a former couch potato, I know the challenges of getting motivated to exercise. For me, music plays such a vital role in getting me pumped for a workout, whether it’s spinning or yoga. So I was excited to learn that PS Ventures Limited has created a way to integrate music into fitness programs with the release of two iPhone apps. “Music Interval Training Tool” and ”Workout Music Timer” are now available to download for the iPhone and iPod Touch. These two apps use the principle of managing listeners’ state of mind throughout their workouts by allowing them to create play lists for exercising at different levels of intensity.

The Music Interval Training Tool is a countdown timer designed for interval training, allowing the user to create a custom play list for low to high intensity workouts with music automatically changing through each phase, while the Workout Music Timer is a more conventional stopwatch, featuring three different intensity music play lists. Listeners can move between play lists at the touch of a button and track down how long they have been exercising at each intensity level. It’s the perfect motivation for making working out feel like less work and more fun. Click here to check out available apps.

The Globetrotter’s Get Gorgeous Guide Takes Off

Women comprise 43 percent of all business travelers, and female road warriors know it can be difficult to look and feel healthy and beautiful while on the road. Enter Debbi K. Kickham’s new book, The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide: Diet and Beauty Secrets of Travel and Beauty Pros, Traveling Executives and Celebrity Travelers. Available soon on and hitting bookstores in November, it’s an insiders guide to looking and feeling frequent flier fabulous. The book features tips on everything from preferred low-calorie foods, exercise, and cosmetics to bargain shopping and overcoming jet lag. Here are just a few examples that you can share with clients and adopt yourself:

  • Bring a hot-water bottle. Fill it up on the plane to stay warm and cozy while sailing through the skies.
  • Replace your luggage wheels with Rollerblade wheels, which will have your luggage practically rolling itself.
  • Carry on your own air purifier to make the atmosphere in hotels more healthy.
  • Add vitamin C powder to your water and moisturizer to boost the antioxidant power of both.
  • Avoid fatty salad dressings by bringing your own dressing to restaurants.

To create this book, Kickham, a professional travel editor for more that 25 years, interviewed hundreds of travel and beauty professionals about their secrets to looking and feeling great in transit. It’s a great resource for helping you and your clients travel with style while not letting your beauty routine take a vacation.

Signing Off: Leo

By Guest Blogger | Aug 2, 2010

“Leos (July 23-August 22) exude their warm-hearted nature to everyone around them and also love when others shine their attention on them. Spas are one of their favorite places; they love to lap up luxury, be pampered, and feel like the queen or king that they are. Energetic in nature and often burning both ends of the candle because of all of the activities in which they engage, Lions also know when what they need is to relax. As Leo is a fire sign, they are often drawn to heat and experiences that inspire the passion that resides within.”—Stephanie Gailing

Stephanie Gailing, MS, CN, is a professional astrologer and nutritionist with more than 16 years of experience. The author of Planetary Apothecary: An Astrological Approach to Health and Wellness (Crossing Press, 2009), Gailing writes “Signing Off,” a monthly column for American Spa that gives guidance on using the stars to cater to clientele. To check out Gailing’s blog, click For further insights on Cancers, turn to page 96 of American Spa’s July issue or click here.

Skincare Guru Kate Somerville Launches New Book

Celebrity facialist Kate Somerville recently launched the book Complexion Perfection! (Hay House, 2010), a practical how-to guide to getting clear, radiant skin regardless of age, ethnicity, skin type, or concern. In the book, Somerville discusses simple strategies for achieving a clear complexion and helps readers understand cutting-edge treatments, technologies, and ingredients. My favorite part of the book is the section on how diet and lifestyle impact the skin. Did you know that almonds provide a very high degree of antioxidant protection, that blueberries fight inflammation at the cellular level, and that spinach helps protect against skin aging? Somerville also says that tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene, which can help reduce the risk of skin cancer, and even cooler is she says that eating a sauce made by simmering tomatoes in olive oil has been shown to protect the skin from sunburns, about the same amount as using a sunblock with an SPF of two or three. Interesting!

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