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Signing Off: Sagittarius

By Guest Blogger | Dec 6, 2010

“Sagittarians love to connect to and understand the world at large. Whether their travels to a spa take them across the globe or across town, they want to feel as if they are in another destination entirely. Therefore, treatments like the Java Lulur or Shirodhara, which offer the flavor of exotic lands, will intrigue and satisfy the Archer’s quest-seeking nature. With their sign ruling the liver, Sagittarians should opt for services that promote detoxification—herbal wraps, mud treatments, and others—and bodywork that focuses on the lower back and thighs, areas in which they carry a lot of tension.—Stephanie Gailing

Stephanie Gailing, MS, CN, is a professional astrologer and nutritionist with more than 16 years of experience. The author of Planetary Apothecary: An Astrological Approach to Health and Wellness (Crossing Press, 2009), Gailing writes “Signing Off,” a monthly column for American Spa that gives guidance on using the stars to cater to clientele. To check out Gailing’s blog, click For further Scorpio insights, turn to page 144 of American Spa’s November issue.

IECSC Begins This Weekend,
Brings the Magic Back to Florida

By Guest Blogger | Nov 2, 2010

IECSC Florida is set to take place this weekend, Nov. 6 to 7, in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale. Featuring a leading conference program and dynamic tradeshow floor, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase products, see the latest trends, and learn the newest techniques emerging in the spa and medical spa industries. IECSC Florida is the perfect venue in the southeast to network and relax with peers, renew your passion, and rejuvenate your business for the year ahead.

Your $45 daily admission ticket to IECSC Florida includes:

As an attendee you can see the latest products and shop the show floor from leading companies including Dermalogica, Glymed Plus, Wilma Schumann, Universal Companies, Kryolan, PCA Advanced Skin Care, Repechage, Eminence, Clarisonic, and more!

On Sunday, Nov. 7, American Spa’s editor-in-chief/publisher Julie Keller will be moderating a panel discussion, “Running a Successful Luxury Spa.” Join spa directors from several acclaimed area spas to find out how they have risen to the top in one of the country’s most competitive marketplaces. This interactive panel will touch on current trends in the high-end spa market as well as successful marketing, operations and retail strategies.  Panelists include Lexay Reina, Spa Director, Lago Mar Resort and Club;  Michael Wilson, Spa Director/General Manager, Bliss Spa; and Movita Hernandez, Spa Director, The Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale.  Admission to this panel discussion, plus 35 other classes in the Spa Business Conference, are free with your $45 daily admission ticket!

For more information on IECSC Florida or to register to attend, visit or call (800) 498-6984.

—Tina Kassimis, Marketing Director

Signing Off: Scorpio

By Guest Blogger | Nov 1, 2010

“Scorpios are highly sensitive beings, although they may not necessarily show it. They are not apt to put themselves in positions that readily reveal a sense of vulnerability. Their motivation for a spa experience may come from the desire for both physical and emotional regeneration. They have a deep level of resolve and are less bounded than many others by a fear of intensity. As they are the ones who will plunge where many others won’t, they are likely to be open to more pushing-oneself-to-the-limits experiences such as deep-tissue massage, detox fasts, and bootcamp workouts.”—Stephanie Gailing

Stephanie Gailing, MS, CN, is a professional astrologer and nutritionist with more than 16 years of experience. The author of Planetary Apothecary: An Astrological Approach to Health and Wellness (Crossing Press, 2009), Gailing writes “Signing Off,” a monthly column for American Spa that gives guidance on using the stars to cater to clientele. To check out Gailing’s blog, click For further Scorpio insights, turn to page 144 of American Spa’s November issue.

Get a Preview of IECSC Florida’s Show Floor

By Guest Blogger | Oct 29, 2010

The International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference is coming up and will take place Nov. 6-7 at the Broward County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Here’s a glimpse at some of the unique offerings that will be available on the show floor. Click here to register today.

Dermastart/Prana SpaCeuticals
Booth: 923
Formulated to breathe life back into your skin, botanically based, yet on the cutting edge of science, Prana SpaCeuticals™ products offer professional homecare for any skin type. Naturally designed to improve the skin’s moisture, protect the body from sun damage, and tailored to address even the most aggressive skin disorders.

Booth: 1004
Dermaware offers A+ Smart Serum™, a revolutionary serum, smart enough to know exactly what your skin needs and where to deliver it in the correct dose and correct form. Jump start your day with a multi-dose serum of Retinol, Co-Enzyme Q-10, Vitamin C, alpha-lipoic acid and VITal STEM CELL™ technology for an extra-ordinary Day Time serum for age, pigment, acne and oil control. The combined benefits of collagen stimulation, cellular renewal and damage control make this a must in most skin care regimens.  Fast penetrating, non-oily and lifting, it is recommended for acne, pigment and oily skin control as well as healthy skin maintenance. Youthful, healthy skin is truly ageless!

Booth: 615
Edimi is the first to introduce a Non-Surgical Face Lift,  a Non-botulism Skin Tightener, a mole, wart, skin tag remover, a Body Balancer (hormone) cream and the answer to mental, emotional and physical stress (a cream!)

Éminence Organic Skincare
Booth: 1017
Be sure to check out the Éminence booth (#1017) at the show. Voted Best of the Best and Favorite Skin Care Line by spa professionals, discover the award winning seasonal collections of organic and biodynamic products bursting with juicy pulp, seeds and herbs that appeal to all spa goers.

Excel Aesthetics Biotechnology
Booth: 828
For over 20 years EXEL has been one of the most extensive lines of Salon & Spa products around the world. EXEL is oil-free, natural and contains pure ingredients from one of the least contaminated regions worldwide. Our Institute also educates professionals with the most advanced Biotechnology in the field.

Booth: 529
Genewize Life Sciences offers 100% completely customized Nutritional & Skin Care Solutions based on your DNA. The genes it targets includes: Oxidative Stress, Cardiovascular, Neurological, Pulmonary, Bone Health, Immunity. Collagen Breakdown, Skin Aging.  It is the only line that holds a U.S. Patent for Genetically Assessing Skin Health.  Parent Company GENELINK is publicly traded for 16 years, 21 Patents & Patent Pending Technologies.  Visit us at Booth #529 and see how to PROFIT from the GENETIC REVOLUTION!

Grafton Cosmetics
Booth: 709
Since 1962, Grafton Cosmetics has been the one stop, full service, Private Label source.  We’ve designed popular brands for the most prestigious companies and can do the same for you.  From our classic line to minerals and ready-to-wear to customization, our expert sales staff will tailor a program to best fit your specific needs and goals.  Visit our website and start branding your vision today.

Haken Professional
Booth:  830
Haken Professional is a professional line of spa care products created with the highest quality ingredients.  It is naturally based with organics and contain no colorants or parabens.  Haken offers Coconut Papaya and Pomegranate twist for manicures, pedicures and body treatments and a pedicure line in our new Eucalyptus & Peppermint essential oil blend and Chocolate Mint.

Booth: 510
iChill Relaxation Shot was developed to help people unwind at the end of a long, intense day. The refreshingly blend of Melatonin, Valerian root, Rose Hips and B Vitamins has no calories, sugar or carbohydrates. It’s the perfect shot to help ‘unwind from the grind.’ You’ll relax and reduce stress!

Morgana’s Alchemy
Booth: 525
Morganna’s Alchemy is a line of luxury phyto-dermo-cosmeuceutical products, meaning that multiple and highly potent ingredients are put in synergy giving the best possible results in the least amount of time.  This year, we are introducing Morganna’s Source made with Sorghum and Biopeptides, which produce visible wrinkle reduction within 20 minutes.

Booth: 716
Get lifted with the Experts!  Stop by for a complimentary NuFACE treatment at booth #716 and let us give you a lift.  The First and Only FDA cleared device for facial toning and stimulation.  Come experience Instant results in only 5 minutes… Lift, Firm, Sculpt…YOU Deserve It!

Osmosis Skincare
Booth: 902
Osmosis achieves amazing results by addressing skin damage through our customizable Skin Transformation System. Our patented liposomal delivery replenishes skin nutrients, restores the epidermis to its healthiest state, and repairs existing DNA damage. NEW: Osmosis is launching Shade, titanium free minerals and Stem Factor, a breakthrough science using 150+ growth factors.

Booth: 1007
Give your peepers an instant wake-up call with skin firming Repêchage® Opti-Firm Eye Contour Cream! The new and improved dipeptide, tetrapeptide and enzyme stimulating Chrysin formula is clinically proven to help diminish the dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles from the delicate eye area which most easily bears the signs of aging and fatigue.

Secret in a Tube
Booth: 1429
Secret in-a-Tube is a truly unique line of skin care products featuring the latest technology and advancements in science and medicine offering Natural and Paraben Free products to improve the quality of skin and maintain an everlasting youthfulness. The physician formulated and celebrity favorite Secret in-a-Tube line of skin care products features the signature Facial Kit which includes the Facial Mask and Oil. Also offering a full line of NATURAL and PARABEN FREE skin care products such as a Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, Sunblock, Vitamin C 25% Serum, Mist, Peptide Serum, Eye Cream, Collagen Serum, Pimple treatment and the latest technology in age reversal, the Age Reversing Human Growth Factor Serum.

Thunder Ridge Emu Products
Booth: 1306
Emu Oil, rich in essential fatty acids, is the nutrition your skin needs.  Used for anti-aging, moisturizing and healing, it is the perfect product to use after treatments to ease discomfort and inflammation, reduce chances of infection and accelerate healing.  The oil penetrates through all seven layers of skin and starts repairing the skin at the basal layer.

Booth: 1402
Pure products with pure profits! VitaMist offers a line of patented spray vitamins that cover wellness, sexual health, stress, energy and more! VitaMist has an 85% loyalty rate which means repeat profits for you! Put the power of spray to work for your business. Product samples available.

ZO Skin Health
Booth: 1328
ZO Skin Health was developed by Zein Obagi, MD—the dermatologist who pioneered the skin health concept.  Dr. Obagi started his career with one goal in mind — breakthroughs!
Named InStyle’s “2010 Beauty Breakthrough”, ZO Skin Health’s Radical Night Repair Plus features potent concentrations of active ingredients. Watch out- it’s not your ordinary skincare!

For more information about the show, visit

—Compiled by Alyssa Harmon, Marketing Manager

Over the Moon for Auriga Spa at Capella Singapore

By Guest Blogger | Oct 18, 2010

In Singapore for the 2010 Wellness Summit, I planned a visit to Auriga Spa at Capella Singapore, amidst the lush rainforest on Sentosa Island. Auriga is named for a constellation in the northern hemisphere, and the treatments, developed by Adria Lake, are based on the rhythms of the lunar cycle. Spa Director Alsu Abdulina recommended I try one of their signature treatments, the New Moon. It included a foot massage with juniper, rosemary, and fennel; a seaweed and eucalyptus salt scrub followed by a seaweed wrap; and a full-body rosemary and eucalyptus massage and a special stimulating tonic for awakening the body.

I was greeted in small reception/retail area and asked to fill out a client profile, then escorted back to female changing area. Rather than a large locker area, the ladies locker area is a series of rooms, locker and changing area, sinks, showers, and water closets in nooks along a hallway. The large wooden lockers are prepared with towel, robe, and slippers inside. Once I changed, I continued down the hall to the women’s wet amenity area, featuring an herbal steam room, two experience showers and a large vitality pool looking out into the garden. Adjacent to the wet area is a comfortable waiting room, where my therapist, Mei, met me and escorted me to the treatment room, inquiring how I would like to be addressed along the way. Once in the treatment room, Mei had me take a seat and explained all of the steps of the service, all the while offering me samples of the products she would use, which had been carefully prepared beforehand for presentation. I was offered a cup of warm herbal tea, which I drank while reading the meditation card that came along with it.

Throughout the service, I marveled throughout at the level of training and expertise that Mei displayed. Never did she put a hand wrong; always gently cueing me, deftly wrapping me, slippers always placed in exactly the right spot. She checked in with me at all of the right intervals to inquire as to my comfort regarding pressure and temperature. At the conclusion of the service, she commented that my skin was in great shape, but a bit dehydrated and she said she would leave a few product recommendations out front for me. This is something that you RARELY see in Asian spas, and I was really impressed when I went to check out and sure enough, there were five products there along with a prescription form all filled out. The Organic Pharmacy products felt terrific on my skin, and will soon be available in the US. at the Auriga Spa opening at the Setai Fifth Avenue in November.

After my service I spent some time snuggling under a cozy throw on a sound wave chaise in the relaxation room, looking out at the rainforest and sipping herbal tea. Both the service and Mei’s touch were really flawless.—Written by Lisa Starr

How Do You Make Your Retail Area Stand Out?

By Guest Blogger | Oct 14, 2010

“Our spa boutique leverages various senses to attract spa guests to enter. Additionally, it is organized with sectioned areas, based on guests’ feedback to help them shop better and with ease. One strategy we find helpful is using tester units throughout the spa and boutique to cross-promote services with retail items for use at home. For example, throughout our skincare section, we oftentimes have a complimentary skin analysis, during which we feature a visiting skincare specialist. The specialist will use a device called a “Woods Lamp,” allowing guests to see what their skin looks like under a special UV light. He or she then gives advice on how to correct any damage and prevent further damage with prescriptions for at-home skincare products sold in our boutique, as well as relevant facials offered in our spa.

Strategically positioned at the entrance and register are wellness, homeopathy, and aromatherapy essential oils, which are smaller grab-and-go products with lower price points, appealing to customers upon entrance and check-out. In our window displays, we use soft-spot lighting and mannequins to showcase accessories such as crystal pendants, organic clothing, and workout wear. Each evening, we leave on all window lighting for late-night window shopping by resort guests. We also position various shelf talkers throughout the boutique with the message, ‘If you like this product, you will also like this service.’ This is helpful in cross-promoting our products and services.”—Michelle Kelthy, spa director, The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Naples (FL)

What Are You Doing to Prepare for the Holiday Season?

By Guest Blogger | Oct 12, 2010

“I love the holidays. At Montage Laguna Beach, we have many ways to celebrate! We are gearing up for our first inaugural holiday tree lighting ceremony, which is taking place at the resort on November 29. Spa Montage is now offering yoga classes, which include full access to our spa facilities and spa pool for only $40. On a personal note, I focus on balance throughout the holiday season, and I am looking forward to working with our new director of Mind, Body & Yoga Programming, Ashley Turner. She will kick off the New Year with her Resolve to E-volve Yoga Workshop on January 8. Enjoy the season!”—Julie Raistrick, spa director, Spa Montage at Montage Laguna Beach (CA)

What Are You Doing to Prepare for the Holiday Season?

By Guest Blogger | Oct 5, 2010

We are encouraging friends and couples to come to the spa together by offering a 20 percent discount off any two 80-minute treatments booked at the same time Monday through Thursday, as well as a $40 ESPA treatment voucher when purchasing two or more ESPA products. We have also put together two gift hampers, one featuring our Mandarin Oriental Signature line valued at $115 at a cost of $90, as well as a Zents hamper valued at $59 at a cost of $45. We’re also offering complimentary gift wrapping when guests purchase ESPA products. The treatment promotion will run Oct. 1 until Dec. 31, and the hampers will be available Nov 1.—Penny Kriel, spa director, The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Washington, D.C.

Signing Off: Libra

By Guest Blogger | Oct 1, 2010

“Pleasure-seeking Librans are very much at home in spas, where they can indulge their sybaritic natures and their desire to surround themselves with beauty. While they appear cool and composed on the outside, inside they may carry their fair share of stress caused by the agitation they feel when life doesn’t appear to carry the sense of justice for which they so diligently strive. Because their sign rules the skin in wellness astrology, luxurious skincare treatments may be the services de rigueur for Libran clients.”—Stephanie Gailing

Stephanie Gailing, MS, CN, is a professional astrologer and nutritionist with more than 16 years of experience. The author of Planetary Apothecary: An Astrological Approach to Health and Wellness (Crossing Press, 2009), Gailing writes “Signing Off,” a monthly column for American Spa that gives guidance on using the stars to cater to clientele. To check out Gailing’s blog, click For further Libra insights, turn to page 128 of American Spa’s October issue.

How Do You Make Your Retail Area Stand Out?

By Guest Blogger | Sep 30, 2010

“Guests are greeted with a relaxing scent as they enter the spa, which stimulates their interest in the products we offer. Our products are then organized based on skin condition to allow clients to easily locate products that meet their needs. A soothing relaxing retail area with easy-to-locate products is the key to success.”—Krysna Hernandez, spa manager, Club Med Spa by Comfort Zone (Ixtapa, Mexico)

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