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SpaFinder Taps Mariel Hemingway as Wellness Week Spokesperson

SpaFinder partnered with actress Mariel Hemingway to promote its upcoming Wellness Week, which takes place March 19–25 in spas nationwide. Wellness Week brings together spas, fitness studios, yoga practitioners, Pilates studios, and other wellness businesses. In addition to offering free classes, workshops, seminars, and consultations, participating locations will also offer weeklong specials, providing consumers with an affordable way to experience the benefits of a wellness-based lifestyle. “We are thrilled to join forces with Mariel Hemingway, as she exemplifies what the wellness lifestyle is truly all about,” says Sallie Fraenkel, who leads Wellness Week for SpaFinder. “Her passionate voice will draw even wider attention to Wellness Week and inspire more people to make wellness a priority in their daily lives.”

Spa Week Announces Top 10 Treatment Trends for Fall

Not surprisingly, people are always asking me about spa trends. However, because I’ve been covering the industry for so long now, I’m sometimes at a loss to point out anything truly new. That’s why I’m always interested to learn what other industry insiders think. Recently, the folks at Spa Week released their top 10 spa treatment trends for fall 2011. See if you agree…

1. Shirodhara

2. Bamboo Massage

3. Cupping/Gua Sha

4. Acupressure

5. Boozing with Benefits (treatments that incorporate alcohol)

6. Shellac Attack

7. Men’s Treatments

8. Mobile Spas

9. Deep Sea Spa-ing (water-based treatments such as Watsu)

10. Spa with a Conscience (eco-friendly treatments)

What trends would you add to or eliminate from this list?

CND Launches CND Shellac Salon Certification Program

If you’ve read my blogs over the past year or so, you will know that I am a giant fan of CND’s Shellac manicures and pedicures (I actually am sporting one right now). I was hooked after my first manicure lasted for nearly three weeks without a chip, and I’ve pretty much kept my nails Shellac’d ever since. So, I can say that I’ve seen some amazing Shellac applications, as well as some that are not so impressive. So I was excited to see that CND is now taking steps to make sure this service is performed properly. Now, clients across the U.S. will soon be assured that the Shellac services they are being offered have CND’s official seal of approval. The CND Shellac Salon Certification Program will showcase spas and salons that provide quality CND Shellac services.

To earn this coveted certification, spas and salons must prove they precisely follow corporate protocol for every CND Shellac service to clients—from application to removal. Certified spas and salons will be listed in CND’s Salon Locator on, receive CND Shellac certified window signage, and have the opportunity to participate in other business building programs. To be certified, a CND representative will visit the spa or salon and review protocol, as well as educate spa and salon professionals on CND Shellac services. In addition, the spa or salon must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Uses CND Shellac Base Coat, Color Coat, and Top Coat for all CND Shellac services.
  • Uses the Brisa™ or CND UV Lamp for all CND Shellac services.
  • Does not mix or pair CND Shellac with ANY non-CND shellac products such as base coats, top coats, or color coats.
  • Does not file the natural nail surface during application or removal of CND Shellac.
  • Does not soak client’s nails in a bowl of acetone to remove CND Shellac.
  • Performs a manicure using ScrubFresh™ to P.E.P. (Perform the manicure, Eliminate surface contaminants, and Purify the nail plate layers) the natural nail prior to a CND Shellac application.
  • Uses 99% IPA to remove the tacky layer at the end of a CND Shellac service.
  • Uses SolarOil™ to condition the nail and cuticle area.
  • Uses pure acetone and CND Shellac Remover Wraps (or foil and cotton removal method) for removal of CND Shellac.

“The implementation of CND’s Shellac Salon Certification Program will ensure the ultimate experience for clients and will provide a great incentive to nail professionals to provide exemplary Shellac services,” says CND co-founder Jan Arnold.

Those wishing to receive CND Shellac Salon Certification are required to register on the Salon Locator at If you are already registered and have accepted CND’s new terms and conditions, call the CND Hotline to request certification. For more information, call (800) 833-NAIL.

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