Sphatika Offers Up an Experience to Remember

Despite the the accessible pampering my title may imply, it’s not always easy to escape the deadlines a magazine requires. Even when the task at hand is work-related, rarely do I have an afternoon to spend kicking back at a spa. However, several weeks ago I was invited to sample the Sphatika Signature Experience ($250, 2 hours) at Sphatika (New York City). After a frantic day of tying up loose ends, I found myself excited at the chance to clear my head. In fact, when it came time to set my intention for the treatment, I opted for total relaxation without a moment’s thought. I was then given a crystal to keep before being led to the spa’s Far Infrared sauna. There, I let the music wash over me as the heat from the sauna penetrated my body and began to ease the stress and tension I had been carrying with me. In the treatment room, I was given an invigorating skin brushing and an application of Sphatika Orchid Mineral Mask before being placed under a steam canopy. To top off the experience, I was treated to a lymphatic drainage facial and  a Hemp Oil Body Massage. When it was over, I felt ready once again to tackle the world.


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