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Gharieni Gets Imported to America

Gharieni, a leading German manufacturer of high-end spa and medical furniture, treatment beds, and equipment has made its U.S. debut, and its offerings are now available in America. The company’s spa division features a  range of beauty and relaxation couches along with a selection of equipment and furniture. The medical division designs and manufactures examination beds for ENT, podiatry, ultrasound, and more that provide comfortable and optimized positioning for patients. Visit, or learn more in person at SPATEC Fall, which takes place Sept. 7-10 in Dana Point, CA.

Book4Time Chosen as Software Vendor for The Grooming Company

Book4Time was chosen as the central spa software vendor for The Grooming Company and its portfolio of spa brands, which include N.BAR (pictured), Jet Set, 1847, and Tilia & Finn with a combined 19 locations in Dubai and many more planned for 2012 and on. “Book4Time was the clear choice for The Grooming Company to centralize our locations onto one cloud-based platform, enhancing our overall operations through seamless guest service management,” says Namrata Gupta, COO of The Grooming Company. “Reducing hardware and IT costs while providing a cost-effective and scalable solution for our growing business is key to our overall guest management strategy.”

Get Fit and Earn Rewards With Nexercise

Nexercise, a free mobile fitness app that makes healthy lifestyle choices and exercise fun, introduced a number of brand new features. The app will continue to calculate physical activity and reward users with virtual medals, discounts on health food, and free merchandise, but now users can enjoy the challenges of an active lifestyle with new features. These features include visualizing progress, where participants can actually view their progress and monitor their exercise habits with a calendar, and the ability to track friends and family and earn points by working out together or competing against one another. Nexercise has also teamed up with Kiip, a venture-backed company, to provide users with the chance to win fabulous rewards from companies like Sephora and The app has also been redesigned with enhanced graphics and is more user-friendly than ever. “Nexercise was built upon the belief that exercise doesn’t have to be boring,” says Benjamin Young, CEO of Nexercise. “You don’t have to drastically change your lifestyle in order to be healthy. Being healthy is a mindset. More often than not, the missing component to success is sustained and sufficient motivation. Nexercise challenges traditional thought by making physical activity more fun and rewarding through our mobile app.”

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