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The Kahala Spa Offers Guests a Taste of Authentic Hawaiian Healing

One of my favorite memories about my last trip to Hawaii was getting an authentic lomi lomi massage while listening to the sounds of the ocean. The Kahala Spa in Honolulu actually takes relaxation even farther with the introduction of its Island Offerings: Inspiration for the Senses package. The three-hour program begins with a 30-minute consultation with a therapist, along with a mixology lesson to help them create a customized concoction of farm-fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables to be used throughout their treatment. A sea Salt, macadamia nut, or sugar scrub is performed, followed by a yogurt-based body wrap and scalp treatment. Clients then relax in a scented bath before receiving a 90-minute lomi lomi massage. They are also given a refreshing smoothie with fresh Hawaiian fruit to enjoy. After this program, vacationers will feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to enjoy all the island has to offer.

Learn the ABCs of Skin Cancer Detection

With summer drawing to a close, there is no better time  to survey the damage the season has caused to your skin. It’s also a great time to remind your clients that they, too, should be scheduling yearly check-ups to determine whether any questionable spots could potentially be skin cancer . Here, board-certified cosmetic dermatologist and fellowship-trained Mohs skin cancer surgeon Kenneth Mark, M.D. shares the ABCs of skin cancer detection with problem signs to consider when evaluating moles:

  • Asymmetry
  • Border Irregularity
  • Color Change or Dark or Multicolored
  • Diameter Greater Than 5 to 6mms

While the only way to know for sure if a troublesome spot is skin cancer is to visit a qualified dermatologist, you and other spa staff members are in a great position to encourage your clients to get checked.

Primavera Makes U.S. Debut

Arriving from Germany, Primavera is an all-natural skincare and aromatherapy line that has recently debuted in the U.S. The collection harnesses the healing powers of nature with skincare, bodycare, wellness therapies, and home fragrance products. Primavera offers effective products with the highest percentage of certified organic ingredients available based on pure essential oils, seed oils, base oils, and plant extracts, which results in therapeutic benefits to skin and senses. It can be purchased via partner spas throughout North America, including Rancho La Puerta (Tecate, Mexico), Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa (CA), and Niki Bryan Spas at Walt Disney World Resorts in Orlando and Hawaii. Visit for more information, and if you are attending Spatec Fall, which takes place next month in California, be sure to check in and be introduced to the line.

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