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Sphatika Offers Up an Experience to Remember

Despite the the accessible pampering my title may imply, it’s not always easy to escape the deadlines a magazine requires. Even when the task at hand is work-related, rarely do I have an afternoon to spend kicking back at a spa. However, several weeks ago I was invited to sample the Sphatika Signature Experience ($250, 2 hours) at Sphatika (New York City). After a frantic day of tying up loose ends, I found myself excited at the chance to clear my head. In fact, when it came time to set my intention for the treatment, I opted for total relaxation without a moment’s thought. I was then given a crystal to keep before being led to the spa’s Far Infrared sauna. There, I let the music wash over me as the heat from the sauna penetrated my body and began to ease the stress and tension I had been carrying with me. In the treatment room, I was given an invigorating skin brushing and an application of Sphatika Orchid Mineral Mask before being placed under a steam canopy. To top off the experience, I was treated to a lymphatic drainage facial and  a Hemp Oil Body Massage. When it was over, I felt ready once again to tackle the world.

Exhale Celebrates National Yoga Month with NamasDAY

Next month is National Yoga Month, and Exhale is celebrating with style with NamasDAY, which takes place Sept. 22. The company will be relaunching its yoga program on this date by hosting NamasDAY events at all Exhale locations across the country. The aim of NamasDAY is to bring guests together as a community to build awareness of yoga’s proven health benefits and provide people with actionable guidance and tools to enhance their own well being all while having fun. As part of the celebration, Exhale will host special complimentary yoga classes throughout the day. In the evening, all locations will host a yoga bash, featuring a variety of free classes including Music Yoga Flow, special contests and prizes, swag bags, and live music.

“NamasDAY is an exciting way for exhale to bring together the yoga community, and inspire new guests to try this incredible mind body practice,” says Erin Jacques, director of yoga at Exhale. “Our yoga program offers the highest quality of teachers and the most varied range of classes. We can’t wait for the whole country to be celebrating on the same day.”

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