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Prevent Massage Therapist Injuries in Your Spa
with a Save Your Hands! Workshop

While massage can certainly ease aches and pains, it can also cause its fair share of the aforementioned. For therapists, it can cause a litany of ailments, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, hand and arm strain, and more, thanks to the repetitive movement massage requires. Fortunately, there is help to prevent such injuries. Save Your Hands!, a trusted name in injury prevention and self-care for manual therapists, is offering a weekend workshop in Minneapolis on Oct. 14-16. Part of a certification program, the workshop will teach therapists how to teach others how to prevent injury on the job. Participants will have the opportunity to become a Certified Injury Prevention Instructor (CIPI). This individual can then serve as an in-house trainer to other staff members. Another workshop is slated for Feb. 10-12 in South Florida. For more information, contact

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