Woodhouse Day Spa Helps Soothe Stressed Brides

Until recently, I haven’t paid much attention to spa offerings designed to help brides be blissful on their big day. But I got engaged about a month ago, and I will admit—it is a stressful experience. While I’m truly excited about the wedding, planning is becoming rather intense, and I’m watching with dismay as my skin is exhibiting the classic signs of stress-related breakouts. Thankfully, The Woodhouse Day Spa (Multiple Locations) has debuted two packages for brides-to-be that provides them with a month’s worth of options to help them look and feel their best.


  • The Woodhouse Escape: A sampler of specialized treatments including sea salt body polish, three different kinds of body massage, reflexology, and more. (One month before)
  • The Minkyti Facial:  A facial that oxygenates, hydrates, rejuvenates, tones, and refines.
  • Bridal Shower: Complimentary use of one of The Woodhouse’s relaxing rooms and light refreshments for a shower or bachelorette celebration.
  • Aroma Bath Ritual:  A heavenly combination of nutritive hydrotherapy and soothing body massage  (One week before)
  • Brightening Facial: Smoothes, refines, and clarifies the complexion  (One week before)
  • The Woodhouse Manicure:  Features detoxifying exfoliation, hydrating massage, paraffin dip, and jasmine treatment   (Day before)
  • The Woodhouse Pedicure:  An 80-minutes experience that includes a mineral bath, an algae exfoliation, a wild ginger hydrating mask, and volcanic stone massage.  (Day before)
  • Mineral Makeup Application: Performed the day before the wedding to get you naturally glowing and picture perfect for wedding eve events.   (Day Before)

BRIDAL BLISS includes:

  • The Woodhouse Escape and the Minkyti Facial (one month before)
  • Brightening Facial (one week before)
  • Volcanic Stone Massage: Deep relaxation and stress release is brought about by strategic precise placement of the stones   (one week before)
  • Bridal Shower (see above)

“A day of beauty is a good thing, but a month of beauty is even better,” says Jeni Garrett, founder and CEO of The Woodhouse Day Spa.  “We strive to give brides a memorable experience with long lasting health and wellness benefits.  Feeling fabulous and looking fabulous are one and the same thing.”

I couldn’t agree more.


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