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CND Shellac to Debut Six New Shades in the Fall

I have a new obsession with CND nail Shellac. The nail polish lasts for almost two weeks without chipping, and when I look at my manicured fingertips, I am so thrilled with how shiny my nails are. To top it off, no matter what my mood, CND always offers a nail color that will satisfy me. Now the company is expanding its color line even further with the launch of six new shades in September: Zillionaire, a dazzling multi-colored effect that can be layered over any color; Studio White a semi-sheer soft white; Moonlight & Roses, an opalescent pink; Purple Purple, an iridescent azure violet; Asphalt, a concrete grey; and Hotski to Tchotchke, a vibrant teal. “CND Shellac manicures and pedicures are an affordable way to thrill yourself, and you’ve got ten opportunities at your fingertips to make a new style statement for fall,” says co-founder and style director Jan Arnold. With a total of 30 shades, CND Shellac is sure to keep every client happy no matter what their taste.

Signing Off: Cancer

Cancers are stepping out of the shadows and taking on more challenges. As encouraging as this newly found lifestyle may be, they still need time to indulge and to be pampered. Cancers may get a promising professional opportunity.

Kamma Bothe has a degree from the Thalamus Institute for Psychology and Holistic Medicine in Berlin, Germany. She later continued her education in astrological studies with various well-known experts and has been working for 30 years as an astrological counselor and reader. Bothe ran her own clinic in Germany and is still known there as one of the pre-eminent readers. Now living in Sedona, AZ, she does readings at Mii amo, a destination spa at Enchantment Resort. You can contact her at or visit

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