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New Yorkers Are Challenged to Lose Weight, Win Cash

Obesity has consistently been on the rise in New York City. More than one-quarter of adult New Yorkers are overweight or obese. Last year, First Lady Michelle Obama brought the issue to the forefront with the launch of her anti-obesity initiative to fight childhood obesity. Now, Healthy Wage, an online network, has a unique way to help NYC residents get fit with the lure of cash. Registration is now open for Healthy Wage’s “NYC Matchup” competition, a weight loss competition that gives individuals and corporate participants the chance to win money while losing pounds. “’The NYC Matchup brings the region together in a collective effort to achieve weight-loss and health goals through a fun and lucrative competition,” says HealthyWage co-founder David Roddenberry. “Competing in teams of five against family, friends, and co-workers for added encouragement, bragging rights and huge cash prizes, this initiative leverages our social network model proven to help motivate and sustain weight-loss. Academic research shows that obesity has spread through social networks and will likely reverse through social networks. We hope this initiative will provide an extra dose of motivation to effect positive change for the New York region.”

Since spas are such meccas of health and wellness, I thought this sounded like an interesting idea for our community. Can you perhaps kick off a similar initiative in your spa? Or are you already making moves to help your clients shed excess pounds? Share you ideas here, and let’s see what we can all do to fight obesity.

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