Signing Off: Taurus

Taureans are not only pragmatic but also the most sensually oriented sign of the zodiac. Therefore, a spa experience is ideal for them, as it provides them an opportunity to indulge their senses while relaxing and meeting their health needs. Lovers of all things natural, they have a fondness for treatments that incorporate the earth’s bounty, including healing foods, herbs, and flowers. Bulls may also look to a spa visit to help them with an area of life that it not readily their strong suit—that of changing. It’s not easy for Taureans to adopt new regimens, so a compassionate wellness coach can be of great service. They’ll appreciate getting constructive advice that allows them to incorporate new diet, exercise, and relaxation routines at an incremental pace to which they can realistically commit. It’s important to remember that overnight change is not for these clients.

Stephanie Gailing, MS, CN, is a professional astrologer and nutritionist with more than 16 years of experience. The author of Planetary Apothecary: An Astrological Approach to Health and Wellness (Crossing Press, 2009), Gailing writes “Signing Off,” a monthly column for American Spa that gives guidance on using the stars to cater to clientele. To check out Gailing’s blog, click For further Taurus insights, turn to page 128 of American Spa’s May issue.


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