Serene House Introduces “Scents” of Style

My sister, like most people, likes for her house to smell fresh and clean, yet inviting. For years, she kept a different scented candle in each room to evoke a mood: apple-pie scented in the kitchen, a vanilla aroma in the family room, a freshly cleansed linen smell in the bathroom. But now that she has three young kids running around the house, having open flames obviously isn’t a good idea, but the alternatives weren’t pleasing to her either. She didn’t want to spray anything in the air and didn’t like the way those plug-in fresheners look. Well, I think I just discovered the perfect solution with the Scentilizer Collection from Serene House. This fragrance collection offers seven  scents available in a variety of super-cute designs. They gently release a combination of essential oils and water into the air, producing a fragrant vapor that also reduces the dryness of indoor air. The coolest part? Select Scentilizers come with a built-in speaker and a stream of pre-programmed relaxing music, or users can plus an MP3, MP4, or CD player right into the unit to play their own music! Perfect for the treatment room or as a retail item, this fragrance collection will help anyone enjoy the sweet smell of relaxation.


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