Bath By Bettijo Offers Relief in a Stick

Today marks the 12th consecutive rainy day in New York City, which has put almost everyone here in a grumpy mood. Luckily, though, it is supposed to clear up by the holiday weekend, and Al Roker is claiming we will see temperatures hitting 80 F and sunny skies. I am really counting on that, as I plan to spend a few days at the beach. Almost nothing can turn my frown around faster than basking in the warm sun, feeling sand under my feet, and listening to the ocean. The one thing that has the ability to interfere with a perfect day down the shore, however, is the pesky little gnats and mosquitoes that seem to be especially attracted to me. Like most people, it makes me nervous to use most bug sprays because of the chemicals, and I usually just end up with itchy welts all over my body. So, I was excited to learn about the Organic Aromatherapy Urgent Care Tea Tree Blemish Stick from Bath By Bettijo. Although it is not a bug deterrent, this pocket-sized roll-on can come in handy after-the-fact, as it was designed to provide quick relief from bug bites, cold sores, acne, and minor cuts and burns. It contains a combination of skin-healing organic ingredients, including Tea Tree oil, to knock out bacteria, soothe the skin, and promote healing. Hopefully, I won’t need to even use it in the first place, but if I do, I’ll keep you posted on its effectiveness.


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