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Guests Can Detox at Bauers Palladio Spa

I’m a big fan of detoxing, and I usually do some sort of juice cleanse at least every six weeks to keep me feeling healthy. Basically, I don’t eat for five days, drink the designated juices, get really crabby, but then feel super healthy afterward. But I just came across an email from Bauers Palladio Spa in Venice that made me think a trip to Italy might be the way to go. The spa offers the following treatments created to help guests detox and de-stress:

• Anti-Stress massage: This 50-minute treatment includes the application of hot oils to help spa-goers get their circulation flowing.

• Zen massage: A 90-minute massage makes use of both stretching and pressure point work to balance the body’s psyche.

• Fresh Lemon Bath: For 30 minutes, guests relax in a bath filled with fresh lemon juice and detoxifying Himalayan salts.

• Purification Rite: Spa-goers can spend 80 minutes getting a deep-body cleansing, an exfoliation using marine salts, and a purifying mask of seaweed.

Help Shield Your Clients From Summer’s
Harmful Rays with Sun Safety Apps

Although no one needs to remind me to stay out of the sun, I know I’m an exception to the rule, a rare breed who seeks shade over sun any time of the day.  However, for those who crave the sun’s rays, there are now a number of apps from, a mobile app superstore, to help protect them from getting burnt to a crisp. Share these apps with your summer-loving clients, and their skin will thank you for it…

Sun Safety (Free for iPhones) – this skin-cancer prevention app provides current weather information for any U.S. city, in addition to useful up-to-date sun exposure danger information with advice on how to protect yourself and your family from skin cancer.

UV Index (Free for Androids) – this app is a simple and easy to use way of getting the UV index for the day. It functions for all U.S. states and territories. By simply entering a zip code or city/state combination, it provides the color-coded UV index.

Coppertone MyUVAlert (Free for iPhones) – Providing sun protection information for the entire family, it offers UV index forecasts, custom sunscreen reapplication reminders, and individualized product recommendations.

Handy Weather for Blackberry (Free for Blackberrys) – this app provides weather forecasts, including humidty, temperature, wind, pressure, UV index, and more, for more than 40,000 preset cities.

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