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A New AAD Survey Reveals It’s All in the Family
When it Comes to Indoor Tanning

Although I grew up with a sun worshiping mother, I turned out to be an SPF-loving shade-seeker. That’s not necessarily the norm though. According to the results of a new survey by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), a large percentage of Caucasion teen girls and young women who use tanning beds are following the example set by their own mothers. Indoor tanners were more than twice as likely to have a family member who used a tanning bed (65 percent) compared to those who tan outdoors (28 percent). In fact, indoor tanners were four times as likely (42 percent) to note that their moms also use tanning beds as opposed to respondents who were not indoor tanners (10 percent). “Mothers who tan indoors are not only putting themselves at risk for skin cancer but they also may be putting their daughters at risk,” says dermatologist Ellen S. Marmur, MD, FAAD, associate professor of dermatology at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. “The survey shows how influential mothers can be on their daughters’ behavior, and that is why it’s critical for mothers to set a good example by not tanning.”  Needless to say, mothers don’t always know best.

Serene House Introduces “Scents” of Style

My sister, like most people, likes for her house to smell fresh and clean, yet inviting. For years, she kept a different scented candle in each room to evoke a mood: apple-pie scented in the kitchen, a vanilla aroma in the family room, a freshly cleansed linen smell in the bathroom. But now that she has three young kids running around the house, having open flames obviously isn’t a good idea, but the alternatives weren’t pleasing to her either. She didn’t want to spray anything in the air and didn’t like the way those plug-in fresheners look. Well, I think I just discovered the perfect solution with the Scentilizer Collection from Serene House. This fragrance collection offers seven  scents available in a variety of super-cute designs. They gently release a combination of essential oils and water into the air, producing a fragrant vapor that also reduces the dryness of indoor air. The coolest part? Select Scentilizers come with a built-in speaker and a stream of pre-programmed relaxing music, or users can plus an MP3, MP4, or CD player right into the unit to play their own music! Perfect for the treatment room or as a retail item, this fragrance collection will help anyone enjoy the sweet smell of relaxation.

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