New Book Sheds Light on the Aging Process

Now that I am over 40 (I can’t believe I just posted this information by choice), I am starting my search for the elusive Fountain of Youth. During the course of the day I am inundated with information about the secrets to staying young, and while I am paying close attention, it can become overwhelming.  From natural treatments and fitness to medical procedures, the stream of advice and techniques seem to be endless. But where is the proof that these techniques actually work? Kate Marie, the author of the new book Fast Living Slow Ageing, has the answer. At the age of 40, Marie found herself overweight and living an unhealthy lifestyle. After being diagnosed with depression, she took back control of her life and started a hormone and supplement plan. “This turgid process created a burning desire to consider my future and ultimately to want to develop a successful health and wellness strategy for the next 30 years. I wanted a long-term plan for staying well, so I thought I’d try to write one – hence the book was born,” says Marie. “Of course, with a project of the magnitude I envisioned, I knew I couldn’t do it alone.”

Marie collaborated with a team of experts that included more than 50 scientists, doctors and health practitioners to find proven and cutting edge ways on how to look and feel your best while ageing. With a clear, concise, and fact-driven  approach, this book delivers  techniques on how to get the most out of life mentally and physically through nutrition, exercise, hormones, supplements, and stress management. Lets face it—we are going to age, so it’s never to early to gather the ammunition we need to be the best we can be.

Fast Living Slow Ageing is now available through online retailers in ebook format. Visit Amazon, and the Sony Reader Store to purchase or go to


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