Boom Boom Offers Tips for Avoiding
Bleached Brows This Summer

As a spa editor, I am regaled on a daily basis with news, press releases, and products that promote saving the skin from the ravages of the sun. But today, I was brought up to speed on something I never thought to save from the sun’s rays—eyebrows. According to Malynda Vigliotti, owner of New York City’s Boom Boom Brow Bar, fun in the sun can lead to bleached out brows, making eyebrow tinting a must-have service for summer. “It’s true, people come in all the time with bleached out brows, even one lighter than the other from the sun always hitting and bleaching out the same brow when they’re driving. It’s not pretty, but it can be fixed with a simple tinting,” she says.

Vigliotti advises her summertime clients to go a little bolder (but not too dark) when tinting their brows and to match color to skin and hair undertones. She also suggests advising clients to use a brow powder on a daily basis for added definition and boldness. (Her favs are her Boom Boom Brow Boostiers brow powders). I thought this was a great idea for updating your spa menu as we head into this steamy time of year. What are you doing to encourage clients to head to the spa for summer? Share your tips here!


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