A New Survey Reveals What Women Can Do Without

Although I’m as vain as the next person, I must admit I was somewhat surprised by the recent findings of a national survey commissioned by L’Bel USA that gauged women’s attitudes on beauty, products, and lifestyle choices. According to the survey, women are willing to give up coffee, chocolate, and even sex for one week rather than part with their favorite beauty product. It also reported that they would more likely give up their favorite pair of shoes or jeans than their favorite skincare or makeup product. Conducted by TNS, the online survey reached a national sample of 1,321 American women ages 18 and 0lder. Some other interesting findings included the following:

Three-quarters of women (76 percent) report that they carry a makeup/skincare-related product in their purse regularly. Lipstick/lip gloss (63 percent) topped the list of items.

The top-ranked item that women reported as being a must-have when going out at night was their lipstick/lip gloss. Six in 10 women (59 percent) prefer lip gloss to lotion (17 percent), fragrance (12 percent), foundation/concealer (9 percent), and mascara (6 percent).

While I rarely leave the house without mascara, I’d probably do more than just consider it before going cold turkey on chocolate. Then again, I have a ravenous sweet tooth. What would you go without?

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