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Pet Peeves From the Treatment Room

As an avid spa-goer for years, I’ve come to develop my fair share of pet peeves when it comes to treatments. One of my biggest is when therapists touch my face immediately after massaging my feet. I’m always listening to hear the sound of running water, so I know that they have washed their hands first. I also get anxious about anyone touching my face when their hands are covered with oil or cream intended for the body rather than the face. Following a deep cleansing facial, I also find it annoying when I leave the treatment room to find myself looking like a cross between Ozzy Osbourne and Tammy Faye Baker with massacred mascara that should have been removed. And finally, I hate when my pleas to leave my cuticles left uncut go unheard, and I have to make a fuss. Of course, these are the exceptions and not the rules when it comes to most of my experiences in the treatment room. I can only imagine the pet peeves that therapists must encounter each and every day. What leaves you anything but relaxed when spa-ing or dealing with clients?

Listen Up…

My coworker and good friend (I won’t name names here) has a habit of cracking her knuckles quite often. Although I love her dearly, every time I hear her doing this, it drives me crazy. Like everyone, there are just certain sounds that are close to intolerable to me. But last evening when I came across a book on one of the shelves in our office called 100 Sounds to See (Health Communications, 2010), I was intrigued. Upon looking through it, I realized that, although I am quick to recognize the sounds that drive me batty, I take for granted the sounds that soothe my soul and put a smile on my face. As author Marsha Engle began slowly losing her hearing, she decided to collaborate with photographer William J. Huber to capture her favorite sounds through photographs, and the results are breathtaking. From the image of a flag unfurling in a breeze to the shuffle of a deck of cards, each stunning photograph is a reminder to the reader to take some time to appreciate the gift of hearing. Experience the power of this amazing book for yourself by clicking here.

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