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Dermalogica Hosts Event for Women Entrepreneurs

Dermalogica and 2nd Street Beauty, a beauty supply store in Long Beach, CA, hosted an event in support of Join FITE, a new global initiative that aims to help a minimum of 25,000 women around the world to start or grow a business. At the event, 50 South Bay attendees purchased $3,000 worth of Dermalogica skincare products containing special codes that each consumer can redeem online at, which then triggers a donation from Dermalogica to the woman entrepreneur of the consumer’s choosing. Guests also received complimentary “Give a Hand” Dermalogica MicroZone skin treatments as a bonus for their participation.

The Spa at The Surrey Helps Guests Detox with LOVE

Here at American Spa, the team is constantly testing out various juice fasts and detox programs. While I’m all for getting healthy and rejuvenating the body, I like to eat. And when I don’t, I get cranky, which doesn’t endear me to my team, as crankiness is not a particularly effective approach to managing the stresses of getting a monthly magazine produced. As such, I’ve steered clear of testing out such an option. But I just discovered a program that might actually make me want to give a juice detox a chance—The Spa at The Surrey “LOVE” Cleanse and Revitalization Package. The spa has teamed with Organic Avenue, a favorite among celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Russell Simmons, and Naomi Watts that is known for its LOVE*(Live. Organic. Vegan. Experience.) cleanses using raw, organic, vegan juices. The spa now brings together this beneficial cleansing program with its divine hotel amenities and activities to providea total renewal and relaxation experience. The package (starting at $574 per night with a minimum of three nights) includes accommodations in a luxury salon or suite; the choice of a signature three-day juice cleanse program, including LOVEeasy, LOVEfast, or LOVEdeep; two 60-minute detoxifying treatments; and the choice of either one private yoga or Pilates class. Sounds to me like a great way to make what could be a tough, hunger-filled few days downright appetizing.

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