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Have Sweet Dreams with Branché
Belle De Nuit Eye Masque

I’ve been dealing with sleep issues for years, and when I was searching for my current apartment a few years ago, my realtor was concerned about the fact that the windows in my bedroom faced east, as he explained to me sunlight would be streaming in directly on to my bed in the morning. I assured him that wasn’t a problem, that I rarely sleep more than 4 hours a night and am usually up before the sun (not by choice). Well. That all changed earlier this week when I was sent a Branché Belle De Nuit Eye Masque at work. I have to say (sweeping statement alert), this little eye mask has changed my life. After reading how the mask contains 18 amino acids (the same ones the skin uses to repair and rebuild itself) and copper (which has anti-microbial properties) to help the delicate skin around the eye area stay protected, I decided to sleep with it on Tuesday night. I went to sleep around midnight, as usual. When I woke up and took the mask off, I could not believe it was already daylight! Much to my amazement, I looked at my clock at it was 6:30! Thinking it might have been a fluke, I wore the mask last night, and, again, slept almost 7 hours straight. Apparently, an eye mask not only blocks external light, which disturbs the sleep cycle, but it also helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythm (internal clock). Plus, it’s made of 100% silk so it’s light as a feather and super comfy. Who knew the secret to a good night’s sleep could be so easy?

Discover the Ugly Side of Spa
with a New Book from an Industry Insider

Everyone knows that work is called that for a reason. While some careers tend to have more glam than others, most jobs come with a downside. What Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly (2000), by Anthony Bourdain, did for the culinary set, Lora Condon’s Spa Wars: The Ugly Truth about The Beauty Industry (2011) seeks to do for the spa set.  A licensed esthetician since 1998, Condon goes behind closed spa doors to reveal some of the dirty industry secrets she has witness over the years. From spas that re-use worn robes and used towels to clients with questionable hygiene, she doesn’t mince words when it comes to taking the “warm and fuzzy” out of spa.

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