Drink to Your Health with Bolthouse
Farms’s Aura Botanical Water

As I’ve mentioned before, although I strive to be healthy, it’s not always easy for me. That’s why when I hear of any sort of shortcut to healthy living, I’m on board. Such is the case with Aura Botanical Water from Bolthouse Farms, a health and wellness company in California. Available in Cucumber Lemon Rosemary, Orange Basil, and Grapefruit Sage, each 15.2-ounce bottle contains one full serving of fruit with no added artificial flavors or sugar and is infused with essential vitamins, including 100 percent of the recommended daily does of vitamin C. And, not only are these enhanced waters delicious and packed with nutrients the body needs (I personally am obsessed with the Cucumber Lemon Rosemary flavor, but that’s probably the spa-girl in me) but are also only 45 calories. I’ll drink to that!


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