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Tips for Treating Winter Skin

If your clients are anything like me, this winter has done a number on their complexions. Freezing temps, dry indoor heat, and steamy commutes have pretty much ravaged my skin, and I’m doing everything I can to whip it back into shape for spring. When I received these tips for soothing sallow, flaky, itchy skin from Sella Skincare, I was thrilled and wanted to pass them along. Share these simple solutions with your clients and help them achieve a gorgeous face before the ground thaws.

  • Don’t Let Your Skin Get Thirsty. Hydrate your skin from within by drinking lots of water. Carry a bottle with you when you go outside, sip at your desk, and keep a glass next to your bed at night. Herbal tea is also a great way to give your body and skin an antioxidant boost during cold winter months. Drink up—your skin will soon have a healthy glow!
  • Think Like the Rain Forest – Humidify. Another good option is to put the moisture back into the air. A humidifier (placed in your bedroom, living room, or office) can help your skin remain supple instead of cracked and dry. Even the inexpensive drugstore models can change the air quality of an entire room.
  • Glove Love. It’s simple but it works! Why expose your hands to the cold? Choose a good quality pair that does not irritate the skin and moisturize before heading out the door.
  • You Are What You Eat. Both flaxseed and fish oil can moisturize your body from the inside out. The oils are rich in vital fatty acids and work wonders for healthy skin, as well as promoting shine and growth of nails and hair. They’re each available in liquid and capsule form.

And don’t forget to encourage your clients to step up their skincare regimens. Looking for an ideal option? Check out Sella’s all natural skincare products, which lock the moisture in the skin to keep a healthy glow. For more information, visit Announces Beauty Pro Awards

Aspiring beauty professionals can prepare to shine as launches its first Annual Beauty Pro Awards, a search for the best of the best in the beauty industry. is an online resource that connects hair, makeup, and nail artists with clients who are in need of their services. The Beauty Pro Awards were created to help these gifted yet undiscovered professionals gain exposure and highlight their skills for success. “My work has afforded me the chance to get to know some of the most exciting new talent in the beauty community, and it’s also shown me what they need,” says Tracy Saunders, founder and Chief Beauty Officer. “Many have the skills, but not the resources, including financial and mentorship opportunities, and this definitely slows down their efforts to take things to the next level. The Beauty Pro Awards are one way can help them do just that.”

Submissions for the contest are opened from now until May 1 for hair stylists, makeup artist, and nail artists. The contestants must submit essays, videos, and their portfolios and will be judged on professionalism, potential, career goals, and need. The winner will receive $5,000 in cash and prizes, an all-expense-paid trip to New York City, and the chance to meet iconic hair stylist Louis Licari on the set of “Ambush Makeover.” The winner will be announced on June 1. For contest information, visit

Drink to Your Health with Bolthouse
Farms’s Aura Botanical Water

As I’ve mentioned before, although I strive to be healthy, it’s not always easy for me. That’s why when I hear of any sort of shortcut to healthy living, I’m on board. Such is the case with Aura Botanical Water from Bolthouse Farms, a health and wellness company in California. Available in Cucumber Lemon Rosemary, Orange Basil, and Grapefruit Sage, each 15.2-ounce bottle contains one full serving of fruit with no added artificial flavors or sugar and is infused with essential vitamins, including 100 percent of the recommended daily does of vitamin C. And, not only are these enhanced waters delicious and packed with nutrients the body needs (I personally am obsessed with the Cucumber Lemon Rosemary flavor, but that’s probably the spa-girl in me) but are also only 45 calories. I’ll drink to that!

JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa Announces Golf & Spa Package

This spring, JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa (Tucson, AZ) is offering guests the chance to relax and have fun with the Golf & Spa Package
. The package includes deluxe guest room accommodations, a round of golf for one person; a 50-minute spa treatment for one at Hashani Spa; and a nightly $50 dining credit. Hashani Spa features treatments that incorporate elements of the Sonoran Desert with both the latest beauty and health technologies and ancient healing techniques. Guests can experience treatments indigenous to the area, such as the Arizona Copper Peptide Facial or the Awakening Citrus Scrub. The facility includes a fitness center, whirlpool, steam room, and sauna and a movement studio that features a large outdoor terrace.

The 2011 Global Spa Summit Challenges
Students with the Profitable Design Competition

The Global Spa Summit (GSS) recently announced its third annual Student Strategy Challenge where students compete to create the spa and wellness concepts of the future. At this year’s summit, graduate students from four top Asian universities will go head to head in the Profitable Spa Design Competition. Students will be challenged to use their knowledge and imagination to create a spa concept that is unique, inventive, and attractively designed with the ability successfully turn a profit. As students move forward to design their spa projects, they will have the opportunity to collaborate with a well-known architect who will help to make their vision come to life. The student challenge coordinators for this year are Sue Harmsworth (CEO & Founder, ESPA International) and Mary Tabacchi (PhD, Professor, Cornell University of Hotel Administration) both Global Spa Summit board members. The students will present their spa concepts to the GSS delegation and a VIP panel of judges at the Global Spa Summit taking place at the Laguna Resort & Spa in Bali, Indonesia from May 15-18. These exceptional students will compete for cash prizes while the winner’s projects will be published locally and internationally. Participating students and faculty members will have free access to the summit including sessions and events. To register for the summit, please visit here.  

Spa Atlantic Highlights Beer Treatments
in Celebration of St. Patrick’s Day

Although I enjoy a drink every so often, I’ve never really been a fan of beer. Even in a total dive bar, I tend to prefer to take my chances with a glass of wine.  However, this St. Patrick’s Day, I may actually be able to indulge in the frothy brew thanks to the innovative beer treatments at Spa Atlantic (Fort Lauderdale, FL). The Citrus Suds Body Treatment ($222, 80 minutes) includes a full citrus beer scrub, a scalp massage, a hair treatment using a beer extract, and a six-pack beer bath and application of citrus hydrating lotion. The bath can be enjoyed with a special infused beer cocktail and pretzels. The Better Beer Cocoon ($222, 80 minutes) involves a citrus beer scrub body exfoliation, a beer-mix wrap, a hair and scalp treatment before a stint in the steam room, and a full-body lotion application. It also includes the beer cocktail and pretzels. Highlighted in celebration of the upcoming Irish holiday, the treatments offer spa-goers another way to celebrate while enjoying the popular drink.

Blinc To Launch the Blinc Brow Bar at IECSC New York

Blinc is debuting its Blinc Brow Bar concept, which was designed to make it easier than ever to offer quick, long-lasting brow color to your clients, at the upcoming IECSC New York event. Blinc Eyebrow Mousse was invented to do three things in one easy step: give long lasting, water-resistant color; fill in sparse areas; and hold brows in place. The new Brow Bar, which holds six natural-looking colors, offers a quick, non-permanent eyebrow application at every station and can be used to promote retail sales or as an add-on to hair or brow services. Visit Blinc at booth #426 to receive a free brow bar for each full color set of Eyebrow Mousse ordered (6 units). For more information, call (877) 454-7763 or visit

R.D. Management To Celebrate U.S. Distribution of
Matis Paris at IECSC New York

Dallas-based skincare distributor, R.D. Management, which recently took over U.S. distribution of Matis Paris, will be hosting a VIP/Press Event at this year’s IECSC in New York on March 7. Thierry Kuntz, CEO of Matis Paris Worldwide and Dar Reiss-Depp, president of RD Management, will be hosting the event. There, the company’s new City Protect line, a technologically advanced collection of products designed to product the skin of clients who live in urban areas, will be unveiled. Starting March 8, the company will also showcase the line in Booth 616. There, Matis Paris trainers and managers will be on hand to answer questions and show off the company’s latest offerings. For more information, visit or email

Active Center for Health & Wellness
Offers Nutrition Tips

For those who are seeking a customized health and wellness experience in the tri-state area need look no further than the Active Center for Health & Wellness in Hackensack, NJ. With a staff composed of medical doctors, registered dietitians, personal trainers, skincare experts, acupuncturists, massage therapists and wellness coaches at readily available, guests find the right program for them to achieve optimum wellness by combining the latest advances in traditional western medicine with complementary health modalities. The center also offers a variety of seminars on numerous health and wellness topics. Here, we share with you the top five tips recently presented by Carrie Kelley, R.D., during a presentation on how to attain proper nutrition:

  1. You must eat a breakfast that consists of a carbohydrate, protein, and good fat.
  2. Don’t drink your calories, because your body doesn’t recognize liquids as satiating nutrition..
  3. Snack throughout the day, and be sure not to go more than three hours without eating a snack containing about 150 calories.
  4. Have good fat in your diet, such as fish, almonds, and soybeans.
  5. Eat at least 30 grams of fiber per day to help keep you regular.

Clean Scene by Murad Continues Partnership with Varsity

Clean Scene by Murad, a line of skincare products developed to address the daily skincare needs of teens and young adults, continued its partnership with Varsity for 2011. In addition to being involved at national cheer and dance competitions, the company will extend its presence at cheer camps around the country during the summer months. Clean Scene by Murad kicked off the 2011 season at the National High School Cheerleading Championship in Orlando, FL, from February 12-13. Throughout the weekend, Clean Scene ambassadors helped cheerleaders, coaches, and friends and family create their own jar of Gaga for Glow, a gentle exfoliating scrub. Each guest was allowed to mix in colorful jojoba beads in their school colors for a personal, spirited touch. Clean Scene by Murad will also be present at the NCA/NDA All-Star National Championship in Dallas from February 26-27. The best all-star teams in the country gather in Dallas for one of the most prestigious competitions in all-star cheerleading and Clean Scene will be on hand to educate the talented cheerleaders and dancers on the importance of skin health for competitions and everyday life, as well as provide samples, a fun atmosphere for pictures, social networking, and relaxation.

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