Get Your Clients Organized with The Purse PAK

On a daily basis I search my purse looking for important items and wonder how my purse somehow became an abyss. I am sure to find loose pennies or other items that I have no need for at the bottom of my bag, and with my lack of foresight I always end up borrowing that Tide Stick or mirror from a friend. With the advent of the New Year, I realized that its time to get organized, and I am sure many women are ready to do the same. To help simplify our lives, The Purse PAK has introduced the ideal way for active women to be prepared for any situation. An ideal point-of-purchase option for your retail area, the PAK is a lightweight and stylish cosmetic case loaded with up to 30 personal care items including breath spray, fashion tape, and nail clippers. It comes in three sizes with prices starting at just $30. Check out to see what other essentials are in The PAK and help your clients get organized today!


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