De-Stress, Sleep More Soundly, and Get Fit With Advice from the Destination Spa Group

If your 2011 resolution is to make wellness a priority in your life, then consider implementing some of the time-tested lessons from members of the Destination Spa Group (DSG). “You can’t escape it; stress is a fact of life we all need to learn to manage,” says DSG executive director Debra Koerner. “The professionals at Destination Spas are amazing resources to teach you how to control stress in order to live a well-balanced life.” Here they share some tips for living a more balanced life.

Just Breathe:

  • From Lake Austin Spa Resort’s fitness director Sharon Rekieta: When caught in a crazy, busy day, try the Breath Series of Four – inhale to a slow count of four; hold the breath for a slow count of four, exhale completely to a slow count of four. Repeat four times
  • Golden Door behavioral therapist Cindi Peterson wants you to just say ‘no.’ “Learn to set your limits and stick to them,” she says. “You don’t have to attend every party you are invited to, or volunteer at every function.”
  • Deborah Marshall-Warren, hypnotherapist at Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket urges you to celebrate your health and talk about wellness and being well, rather than being ill, and diseased. “The subconscious listens and hears every word and every thought, so sing a song of wellness and happiness, and then your subconscious will chorus your success,” she says.

Work Out:

  • Try a group approach says Mountain Trek fitness director Cathy Grierson. “Look for like-minded individuals that will help motivate you through those ‘rainy’ days,” she says. “It could be informal such as suggesting to friends to walk your dogs together, joining a fitness club, or taking a class at your local recreation center.”
  • John Yohman, certified trainer at Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge has this formula for exercise success: Maximize your benefits by doing cardio sprints after performing two strength exercises. Pick six strength exercises or machines that work major muscle groups. Pair the strength exercises performing 20 – 30 reps of each exercise, followed by a one-two minute sprint of any cardio activity. Rest for 45 seconds and continue to the next grouping
  • Fitness director Nancy Byrd Radding at The Oaks at Ojai suggests, “Get moving! Do at least 30 minutes a day of something. Hire a trainer for a month if you need motivation. Join a class, buy a DVD, get to the gym, or pull the machine out of the garage. Calendar in your workouts like a dental or medical appointment.”
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