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Well+Good Reveals New York City’s
Top 10 Wellness Trends for 2011

Want to know what workouts and beauty products will be all the rage in the New Year? Well+Good, a website focused on health, beauty, fitness, and well-being, addresses these questions and more. Here, Well+Good founders Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula share New York City’s top 10 wellness trends for the upcoming year.

1.  Barre obsession White-hot barre workouts continue to multiply. Established NYC brands Core Fusion and Physique 57 have been joined by the Bar Method, the Nalini Method, Yoga-Works BarWorks, and soon, an outpost of barre3. Gyms are jumping on board by adding “barre” classes to their schedules. We predict an all out barre brawl.

2.  Vegan vogue and gluten-free for all New Yorkers are going gluten-free and vegan in greater numbers—either because of food allergies, animal rights, or a general desire for healthier eating habits. We predict an explosion of gourmet offering catering to the health-conscious New Yorkers embracing these formerly fringe diets.

3.  Healing workouts The same fitness instructors who want you to feel the burn now want to help your body and mind heal. Look for therapeutic workouts, like Equinox’s “IntenSati,” which uses personal affirmations, and “Thread,” where core work and body-awareness techniques “unlock muscular inhibition.” Also on the horizon: a fascination with supportive aerial yoga and fitness-meets-life-coaching workshops.

4.  Small-batch beauty New Yorkers love artisanal foods, and, increasingly, beauty products that are carefully made in small batches. Amanda Walker blends A Perfume Organic by hand; batches of Hope Gillerman’s new HGO Lab preservative-free skincare line will be made every six weeks for freshness; and for quality control. Tata Harper grows many of the ingredients for her eponymous line at her Vermont farm.

5.  The non-toxic New York spa Because of a growing demand for “3-free” nail polish, paraben-free skincare, and hair straightening sans formaldehyde, NYC spas are dedicating more of their menus to non-toxic treatments. Expect every spa worth its bath salts to include natural beauty services.

6.  Celebrity specialists make supplements It used to be that fitness trainers and holistic doctors sent their clients to the Whole Foods vitamin aisle for supplements to support their health. Now New York City wellness experts, like celebrity fitness trainer David Kirsch and integrative health guru Frank Lipman, MD (Gwyneth Paltrow’s doctor), are rolling out their own branded nutritional supplements aimed at fixing what ails us.

7.  Fusion yoga Vigorous vinyasa is currently the city’s most popular style of yoga. And for some New York City yoga teachers, it’s becoming a platform for layering on practices like Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art) and breakdancing. Carlos Rodriguez, who created Caponyasa, and Anya Porter, founder of Breakti, are just two examples of this innovative new school of yoga.

8.  Juice couture This year’s juice-cleanse mania creates a thirst for premium juices that has nothing to do with fasting. With ABC Elixir Bar, Jean-Georges Vongerichten proved that a juice joint can be upmarket. One Lucky Duck, Juice Generation, and newcomer Liquid Pump are making quality cold-pressed drinks widely available, while stalwart Organic Avenue plans to open more outposts in 2011.

9.  A call to arms Toned arms are the must-have muscle group, thanks to Michelle Obama and Madonna. Try to find a group fitness class that doesn’t seriously salute the guns—spinning classes include a 10-minute arm sequence; barre classes make sure your arms get as jacked as your core. Fitness fashion is changing as a result: arm-baring tanks have completely replaced old school t-shirts.

10. The new New York Mom Moms-to-be can expect seriously upgraded wellness options. Every yogini can now choose from a wide selection of prenatal classes—from gentle to serious Vinyasa—as well as designer maternity apparel to practice in. Prenatal spa menus expand at New York City spas, from SoHo Sanctuary to the Peninsula, thanks to greater demand and greater therapist expertise.

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