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Temptu Names Top 10
Celebrity Temporary Tats of 2010

Although I am not a fan of permanent tattoos (don’t ask why), I do enjoy the option of playing around with temporary tattoos, and, apparently, so do celebrities. According to Temptu, a company that offers airbrush makeup and temporary tattoos, here are the top 10 Temptu temporary tattoo looks of the year:

1. Beyoncé, who adorned her entire body for the Fall Deréon 2010 Campaign, which launched a limited edition Temptu and Deréon temporary tattoo collection

2. Martha Stewart, who featured Temptu tattoos her face for the cover of her Halloween issue

3. Victoria’s Secret angel Emanuela de Paulo, who used Temptu temporary tattoos to go  tribal for the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (shown here)

4. Willow Smith, who sported a Temptu tattoo for her New York City Holiday Toys for Tots concert

5. Marcia Cross, who wore a spider Temptu tattoo for Halloween at a PS Arts Event

6. Kim Cattrall, who showed off a Temptu tattoo in her 80s flashback for Sex and the City II

7 Kat Von D, who brings her look  to the masses with a temporary tattoo collection with Temptu and Sephora

8. Stephen Colbert, who regularly wears various Temptu temporary tattoos  for the Colbert Report

9. The cast of Green Day’s American Idiot, who wears a variety of Temptu tattoos on Broadway

10. Models during the New York Runways, who got Temptu tatted for Wayne, Odd Molly, Ashton Michael, and Charlotte Ronson

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