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Healthy Steps by Jokari Helps
Keep the Holiday Pounds at Bay

It’s no secret it’s a struggle not pack on the pounds around the holidays, so when I came across the Healthy Steps line of portion control kitchen tools from Jokari, I was thrilled. Each tool serves a specific purpose, making it so easy to stay within reasonable portion sizes during meals. For example, the Portion Control Starch Server is a spoon the size of the proper amount of cooked starch such as potatoes or rice, while the Portion Control Vegetable Server is a slotted spoon measuring one-half serving of cooked vegetables. Not only has using them helped me maintain my normal weight over the past few weeks (so far) but these handy tools also make great holiday gifts. Check out the website here.

Discover Cal-a-Vie Health Spa’s 12 Ways to Wellness

It’s common knowledge that the holiday season is a time to indulge. Despite doing my best to keep my calorie counts in check, it’s not easy with numerous celebratory cocktail parties and co-workers bearing a limitless supply of cupcakes and cookies. Fortunately, registered nutritionist Linda Illingworth and executive chef Jason Graham of Cal-a-Vie Health Spa (Vista, CA) have teamed up to share 12 Ways to Wellness, helpful holiday tips that serve as a seasonal survival guide.

  • Skip the caffeine and start your day with hot water and a lemon wedge to flush out unwanted toxins.
  • Be kind to your mind by stretching your body five minutes each day.
  • Take the candy out of your cane and use natural agave syrup instead.
  • Trim down your eggnog this year with almond or vanilla soy milk.
  • Don’t be a glutton—choose gluten free.
  • Hydrate with coconut water and boost your electrolytes at the same time.
  • Better to butter with Earth Balance or Smart Balance.
  • Serve your guests frozen raisins—they taste like caramels.
  • Go green and fill your plate with leafy greens.
  • Bake your cookies with rice flour or whole wheat pastry flour.
  • Keep your cheese for the camera and save loads of calories.
  • Craving ice cream? Freeze a banana. It’s yummy and full of potassium.

Guests Can Detox in Luxury at Kamalame Cay

During the holiday season, I do not deny myself of anything when it comes food and drink, but as soon as January 1st roles around I am overcome with guilt due to an expanded waistline and scrambling to make my New Years resolution. Kamalame Cay, the luxury Bahamian Resort, has the perfect solution for those who have over-indulged this season, with its first ever “Detox Week” program designed by Gaiam and Reebok master trainer Tanja Djelevic and retreat manager Thomas Mikusz. The seven day detox program will put guests on the track to wellness for the New Year. The retreat includes:

  • A 30-minute individual lifestyle assessment
  • Daily yoga and meditation classes
  • Three specially created meals daily with detox juices
  • Daily postural and flexibility training and ‘experience your senses’ classes
  • Leisure time each day
  • One complimentary massage or spa treatment

Kamalame Cay’s “Detox Week” will be held from February 22,-March 1. Rates start at $9,200 per person (single occupancy) for a beach suite and $6,400 per person (double occupancy). For information, visit or call 800-790-7971.

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