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EstheticsAmerica + Wellness Pavilion to Launch at ISSE Long Beach and ISSE Midwest Shows

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) will launch an all-new pavilion dedicated to skincare and wellness products, education, business, and hands-on training at International Salon & Spa Expo (ISSE) Long Beach, Jan. 29–31 and ISSE Midwest, March 26–28, called the EstheticsAmerica + Wellness Pavilion. In addition to complimentary wellness education, the new pavilion will feature CIDESCO USA education. Attendees will be able to learn directly from company founders and CIDESCO-certified beauty professionals and have the opportunity to obtain a CIDESCO Diploma. Continuing Education credits will also be available for licensed massage therapists. Admission to the EstheticsAmerica + Wellness Pavilion is included with ticket purchase to both ISSE shows. For class schedules, tickets, and additional, visit

LashDip: An Editor’s New Lash Obsession

We’re slightly obsessed with lashes here at American Spa. You name the lash extension, conditioner, treatment, and trend, and you can pretty much guarantee one of us has tried it. So when I received an invitation to receive a LashDip treatment, an in-spa semi-permanent lash cosmetic service, I was excited to sign up. The session, which was performed for me by charming company co-founder Jessica Harley, is basically a glorious enhancement of your regular lashes that provides the look of perfectly applied mascara. It is waterproof, creates a lasting lash lift and curve, sculpts lashes, separates lashes, increases lash volume, and extends the length of lashes. Best off, it is completely durable and waterproof (which means no unsightly smearing or running), and it lasts up to six weeks. And when the application was finished, my eyes weren’t even a little bit irritated, which is amazing because I have sensitive eyes that tend to stay red for three days following a lash extension service. Today, I arrived at the office sporting my fabulous new lashes, and I’m the envy of all the other editors. Plus, I arrived early, because my makeup application time was cut in half—no need to curl my lashes and apply several coats of mascara to achieve my desired look. In fact, the color is so black, I really don’t need to wear much makeup at all. Rest assured, I’ll be happily batting my lashes for the next six week and sharing my love of this amazing new service.

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