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Rancho La Puerta Launches iPhone App

Rancho La Puerta (Tecate, Mexico) is helping its guests navigate their way through its award-winning fitness and spa offerings with a handy new iPhone App, which was developed in conjunction with MacroView Labs. The app acts as a resort guide, a social media hub, and a fitness companion, allowing users to view instructional fitness videos, recipes, photos, news, updates, social networking, and more. Highlights include:

  • Activities and Entertainment Directory, which provides access the Ranch’s schedule of speakers, presenters, classes, hikes, movies, games, and more during any week.
  • Fitness Videos, Pictures and Descriptions, including exercise, healing, and meditation videos taught by the Ranch’s expert and entertaining instructors.
  • People Directory, in which guests can contact reservations, housekeeping, or anyone else at the Ranch instantly.
  • Food Directory, where users can browse through mouthwatering recipes, preview Rancho La Puerta’s cooking classes, watch videos from the Ranch’s nutritionist, or check out the latest images from Tres Estrellas, Rancho La Puerta’s 5-acre organic garden.
  • Travel Info, which provides everything from travel itinerary FAQs to making the most of your stay.
  • My Rancho La Puerta, where users can bookmark a recipe, photo gallery, map, or anything else for later viewing in a custom favorites folder.
  • Real Time Weather Updates
  • Private Content, where groups can create private, passcode-protected content.
  • Be Heard, where users can take a feedback survey or rate content within the app.
  • Interactive Maps, including illustrated Ranch map and a satellite GPS map. The illustrated map highlights key locations around Rancho La Puerta. The GPS map allows users to find their exact location or get directions to the Ranch.
  • Memories, where users can read about the history of the Ranch, or reconnect with old friends through live Twitter and Facebook pages.

“The Rancho La Puerta app is an entertaining and simple way to engage our audience, encourage past guests to maintain their year-round fitness, and plan their next visit,” says Peter Jensen, Rancho La Puerta’s director of communications. “It is much more than just another hotel or resort app; in a way, it’s like having a Ranch fitness instructor at your beck and call.”

Click here to download the app. An Android version of the application will be launched within a few months.

Spa-Goers Can Celebrate the
Winter Solstice at Enchantment Resort

To celebrate the first day of winter, which is also the shortest day of the year, Enchantment Resort (Sedona, AZ) is introducing four days of Native American cultural activities to take place Dec. 19-22. This celebration of the winter solstice will involve a Reflection Walk, a Spirit Dance For Release, a Meditation in Honor of the Solstice, a Sunrise Stretch, a Native American Drum and Flute Performance, a Hopi Soyaluna Ceremony and Storytelling, a Solstice Orientation and Blessing, and more. I was fortunate enough to visit Mii amo at Enchantment earlier this year and can’t imagine a better setting for an authentic Native American experience.

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