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How Do You Make Your Retail Area Stand Out?

By Guest Blogger | Oct 14, 2010

“Our spa boutique leverages various senses to attract spa guests to enter. Additionally, it is organized with sectioned areas, based on guests’ feedback to help them shop better and with ease. One strategy we find helpful is using tester units throughout the spa and boutique to cross-promote services with retail items for use at home. For example, throughout our skincare section, we oftentimes have a complimentary skin analysis, during which we feature a visiting skincare specialist. The specialist will use a device called a “Woods Lamp,” allowing guests to see what their skin looks like under a special UV light. He or she then gives advice on how to correct any damage and prevent further damage with prescriptions for at-home skincare products sold in our boutique, as well as relevant facials offered in our spa.

Strategically positioned at the entrance and register are wellness, homeopathy, and aromatherapy essential oils, which are smaller grab-and-go products with lower price points, appealing to customers upon entrance and check-out. In our window displays, we use soft-spot lighting and mannequins to showcase accessories such as crystal pendants, organic clothing, and workout wear. Each evening, we leave on all window lighting for late-night window shopping by resort guests. We also position various shelf talkers throughout the boutique with the message, ‘If you like this product, you will also like this service.’ This is helpful in cross-promoting our products and services.”—Michelle Kelthy, spa director, The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Naples (FL)

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