Spa Week Introduces First-Ever Spa Music Video

Have a few minutes to spare? Click here to check out the music video, “I Get Naked at the Spa: The Musical,” presented by Spa Week. The video, which was written and performed by rock comedian Brian Smith, was created to answer frequently asked spa etiquette questions in a humorous way. The release of the video coincides with Spa Week, which is currently taking place on the West Coast and Chicago until September 19th and on the East Coast, Midwest, and Toronto Oct. 11-17.

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  1. Jean-Guy de Gabriac September 21, 2010 5:56 pm

    At the first glance this video is funny and the tune is very catchy, but at a time when the SRI study shows that 71% of consumers would be “much more” or “somewhat more” likely to visit a spa if credible research could prove that spa treatments deliver measurable health benefits, is “I get NAKED at the spa” really the message that the spa industry wants or needs to gain credibility ?

    Yes France is a country for romance (French lovers, French Kiss, French Touch…), but “pardon my French” if I say that a lot of people are still confused with the thin line between sensuality and sexuality.

    Often TV shows focus on massage parlours that can provide a “happy ending to your massage”, so why say in the song that “the best part of the treatment is when you get your butt massaged” ?
    Being a massage therapist is extremely physical and requires to be very grounded. I am not sure that they would all appreciate or be comfortable with their clients blatant nudity, especially when DRAPING is so important.

    Maybe I’ll be judged by some of you as “old school”, but I would rather see Spas collectively take steps towards Wellness and Stress management programs, rather than claim to be “the only place where nudity is not against the law”.
    Let me read your thoughts about that…

    Jean-Guy de Gabriac
    Founder TIP TOUCH
    Signature massage design
    Massage training in traditional healing techniques
    Training and coaching for Spa managers

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