Is Your Spa Operating Outside the Law
With Its In-Room Treatments?

In the September issue of American Spa, I took a look at how many spas are offering in-room treatments in an effort to maximize space, expand their spa’s influence, or offer guests yet another experience in “Room to Spa.” What I failed to mention, however, was the legal and regulatory issues that pertain to in-room spa treatments. As Conan D. Owen, president of Relax & Rejuvenate, which offers on-site spa treatments nationwide, points out, “Many states, including CA, FL, GA, MA, MD, and MI prohibit skincare or nailcare services being performed outside of a licensed facility. A poolside mani/pedi in Miami may sound inviting, but it is grounds for the nail technician and the spa to lose their license. Plenty of spas offer such services, even tout them on their websites despite being illegal. MA is one of the strictest, whereby any act that is performed by a cosmetologist can only be performed in the confines of a licensed cosmo establishment. Legally, a bride can’t get her hair and makeup done in a hotel room in MA.” So, if your spa offers in-room treatments, make sure it’s in compliance with your state’s Board of Cosmetology regulations.


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