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The Spa at Trump Chicago
Sparkles with September Specials

With the summer quickly coming to an end, The Spa at Trump at the Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago is offering guests luxurious spa treatments to ring in the fall. Throughout the month of September, visitors will enjoy 20 percent off 90-minute Signature Gemstone treatments, which are regularly priced at $300. Spa-goers can indulge in the richness of precious gemstone massages and experience the healing calm and revitalization that it inspires. After all, who wouldn’t want to be drenched in gemstones? The offerings include:

Purifying Emeralds Massage The oils for this massage are infused with emeralds stimulating healing benefits.

Balancing Diamonds Massage Guests can experience the ultimate indulgence with the healing properties of precious diamonds and botanical elements.

Revitalizing Rubies Massage oils for this treatment are mixed with the essence of rubies to revitalize the body.

Calming Sapphires Massage Infused with sapphires, the oils are created to bring about tranquility of the mind and body.

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