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Spa Week Introduces First-Ever Spa Music Video

Have a few minutes to spare? Click here to check out the music video, “I Get Naked at the Spa: The Musical,” presented by Spa Week. The video, which was written and performed by rock comedian Brian Smith, was created to answer frequently asked spa etiquette questions in a humorous way. The release of the video coincides with Spa Week, which is currently taking place on the West Coast and Chicago until September 19th and on the East Coast, Midwest, and Toronto Oct. 11-17.

A New Book Celebrates the Beauty of Curly Girls

Lorraine Massey and Kara Baranski

Although I typically have straight hair, there is a part of me that has always coveted curls. Earlier this week, I attended an event at Devachan, a salon specializing in curly hair. The event was celebrating the launch of owner Lorraine Massey’s new book, Curly Girl: The Handbook (Workman Publishing, February 2011). American Spa’s art director, Kara Baranski, has gorgeous curls galore, so I figured the event would be right up her alley, and, indeed, it was. Shortly after our arrival, Kara was whisked away for a curl makeover. She even got to meet Massey, her curl idol. Even I got swept up in the excitement when one of the stylists there revealed curls I never knew I had. They say blondes have more fun, but I think curly girls may have them beat. Look for more on the book in an upcoming issue.

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