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Spa Week Predicts Top 12 Fall Treatment Trends

For years, I have been a huge fan of Spa Week, the event where spas across the country offer some of their most exclusive services for the discounted price of $50 during the designated week. This year, Spa Week will take place Sept. 13-19th on the West Coast and Oct. 11-17 throughout the rest of the country. To prepare potential spa-goers for the event, executives at Spa Week have compiled a list of the top 12 spa treatment trends for the fall:

1. FIGHTING ALLERGIES: Sinus massages, breathe-easy facials, and other treatments featuring eucalyptus, humidifiers, and lymphatic drainage techniques are a just few of the services being offered to help clients suffering from allergies.

2. BIKINI GLAMOUR: Post-Brazilian waxing rituals are taking center stage, such as vajazzling, vattooing, and airbrush painting.

3. SLEEPING AND DREAMING: Services designed to promote a good night’s sleep, such as stress solution facials, private yoga sessions, and meditation are becoming hugely popular.

4. LASH EXTENSIONS: Techniques that promote eyelash thickness, length, volume, and color are high on the priority list of spa-goers this fall.

5. INSTANT INCH LOSS: Colon hydrotherapy, Ionothermie, and other treatments that give immediate weigh-loss results will be in high demand.

6. REIKI AND ENERGY WORK: The demand for holistic healing and energy work that deliver health benefits ranging from spiritual growth to injury recovery are on the rise.

7. ACUPUNCTURE: For both the face and the body, this technique is recommended for the treatment of more than 40 conditions ranging from anxiety to pain by the World Health Organization.

8. BOTOX ON-THE-GO: Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines hassle-free is at the forefront of many spa-goers’ beauty lists.

9. HOT AND COLD STONE MASSAGES: Instead of using only hot stones for a massage, the application of cold stones will be a popular request, adding multi-dimensional stimulation.

10. CHAMPISSAGE: Also know as Indian Head Massage, this technique is now being interpreted as a custom ritual at many spas.

11. EVERYTHING SEAWEED: Treatments incorporating seaweed and seawater to detoxify the body, eliminate excess fluids, and increase blood circulation will be in more demand than ever.

12. SIMPLY OXYGEN: Spa-goers will be looking for more treatments, such as oxygen facials, that incorporate this life-sustaining molecule.

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New Federal Gift Certificate Law Goes Into Effect

Even though I’m a big fan of gift certificates, I have a tendency to “save” them for a rainy day. That wouldn’t be an issue, except for the fact that they often expire before I get around to using them. While unredeemed gift cards can be a boon to your spa, they don’t necessarily help you build your clientele. With the holidays drawing closer, gift cards and certificates are once again poised to stuff many a stocking. It’s important to note though that a new federal gift certificate law went into effect this past Sunday. It establishes a five-year minimum term for most gift certificates sold in the U.S. This new law doesn’t, however, shorten any minimum terms set by state law. So if you’re based in a state with a minimum term of seven years, such as MA, or in a state that doesn’t permit any expiration date (CA, CT, FL, ME, MN, MT, NH, RI, and WA), those terms still apply to your gift certificate sales. Otherwise, remember your clients now have five years from the date of issue to redeem their gift certificates. This new law is only applicable to gift certificates with a dollar value, not those redeemable for a service. To learn more about how the new Credit Card Act of 2009 may affect your spa, check out a recent blog on the topic at

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