Spa-Goers Make Beautiful Music Together at
One&Only Palmilla

A day at the spa normally means taking in some peace and quiet. While enjoying the sound of silence is very necessary, shaking this idea up a bit and making some noise is sometimes very beneficial. During a recent trip to Los Cabos, I was lucky enough to visit One&Only Palmilla where I partook in Musical Therapy with the small group of writers and editors I was traveling with. As we made our way through the stunning grounds of the resort, we came across a palapa that is situated on a bluff overlooking the Sea of Cortez that was set up for a major jam session. There were different types of drums, rattles, flutes, rainsticks and we were going to be playing all of them. Our musical stylings were brought out and directed by our patient leader, Mexican-born contemporary musician Antonio Zepeda. There was a touch of intimidation mixed with skepticism when the group first laid eyes on the scene. Zepeda’s soothing voice and calm demeanor talked us through a very rusty beginning as we “played” our instruments and he successfully guided the group into a definite groove. The more confident we got while playing, the more relaxing and fun it was for us, and, dare I say, we were making music. The combination of the breathtaking setting of the palapa with the steady beat we were producing seemed to create a lulling affect that allowed us to get lost in another world—sixty minutes just flew by and I was feeling rejuvenated by the end of it.

This Musical Therapy is part of a Three-Day Joyful Journey Package offered at One&Only Palmilla. Priced at $650 per person, this package (not including accommodations) focuses on mind-body wellness by bringing together activities that are scientifically proven to reduce stress, such as meditation, painting, massage, and laughter. For more on this package—and for what’s hot on the Cabo spa scene—check out the July issue of American Spa.


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