How Do You Think Spas Can Improve Their Skincare Menus to Give Their Clients More Value?

By Guest Blogger | Jul 27, 2010

“One suggestion is to have a separate menu for men’s and teen’s skin treatments. The spas I have advised on this simple but effective approach have noted higher activity with respect to these two important client demographics to boost their clientele. Another suggestion is to have a smaller menu printed for these two categories, which you can then hand out to your female clients to take home to their husbands, boyfriends, teens, friends, and co-workers. The point is to get your message out to as many individuals about the treatments your spa offers. And what better way is there? Think about how you take a food menu home or to the office and order accordingly because it is so convenient and right there at your disposal. It makes total marketing sense that can translate into dollar cents.”—Christine Heathman, CEO, president, and founder, Glymed Plus Skincare


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