An Editor’s Arch de Triumph

Although I’m pretty low-maintenance, there are times I think I may be doing a disservice to myself. Earlier this week, I paid a visit to Hibba NYC, a Soho salon specializing in hair removal. I had finally decided to try threading after never really giving much thought to my brows. Occasionally, I’ll come across someone with amazing arches and feel a small twinge of envy. However, like most features that haven’t undergone the knife, I’ve always chalked it up to having good genes more than anything else. Christy Turlington may have some help keeping her brows looking fabulous, but I think she had a definite head start in the genetics department. My brows, on the other hand, have always been rather forgettable, which may explain why I’ve spent the last couple of years neglecting them. Determined to change all that, I met with Hibba herself, who learned the art of threading at the tender age of 13 while living in India. Threading for family and friends, she perfected the art and later added sugaring and waxing to her hair removal arsenal. In just five minutes, she had my brows looking better than ever. And best of all, it was a pain-free experience that didn’t leave me with the customary tell-tale redness. Now that I’ve seen the difference, I think my maintenance quotient may be on the rise.


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