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Grape Rewards in Wine Country

Last week, on my tour through the Finger Lakes wine country, I had an opportunity to stay at La Tourelle Resort & Spa (Ithaca, NY). There, I was instantly smitten with the bucolic setting and gracious staff. I was also giddy with the fact that I got to reside in a three-bedroom suite that just happened to be in a barn. It was certainly one of the more interesting and comfortable places I’ve had the pleasure of staying. I also made sure to pay a visit to the resort’s August Moon Spa, where I sampled the Finger Lakes Grape Massage ($100, 50 minutes; $145, 80 minutes). It was certainly the perfect way to top off a day that had begun with an early morning hike to one of Ithaca’s famed waterfalls. I now know why “Ithaca is gorges.” For more on the August Moon Spa and the benefits of grape-themed treatments, check out our September issue.

ABMP Offers “The View” Hosts A Complimentary Massage

I’m rarely surprised when “The View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck says something stupid, so I don’t tend to be offended by her various thoughts on the show. The woman seems to have an endless capacity for making comments without any sort of factual backup. However, a recent comment she made truly irked me on behalf of our industry. When discussing former Vice President Al Gore’s recent dustup with a massage therapist who claimed he made unwanted advances during a session, Hasselbeck decided to take her sweeping statements to the massage industry, saying, “a massage always has a potential to go wrong,” calling it “one push a way from something weird happening.” Obviously, I have serious issues with her statement, as do countless massage professionals who work hard and deserve respect for providing a valuable service that promotes wellness. The Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) has found a wonderful way to prove this point. During the 16th-annual EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week, which is taking place this week, the organization is offering the hosts of “The View,” including Hasselbeck, a complimentary massage therapy session to highlight the benefits of their craft.

“There’s no better time than now to tell the world about the value of legitimate professional massage therapy,” says ABMP president Les Sweeney. “It’s clear from recent events in the news that there are still a few folks out there—including some in the media—who aren’t clear about the code of conduct followed by massage therapists and the therapeutic value of professional massage therapy.”

I, for one, hope “The View” ladies take ABMP up on their offer and discuss the error of their ways on-air. As Sweeney points out, “It’s professional work that calls for significant training, adherence to a code of ethics, and professional licensing in 43 states.” I wonder if Ms. Hasselbeck can make the same claims about her experience.

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