Stylist Riccardo Maggiore Tresses Up a Tired Look

I’ve admitted before that I don’t get my hair cut nearly as often as I should.  Fortunately, as an editor covering numerous salon-oriented events, I can often get away with waiting months between haircuts because I usually cross paths with someone who wants to start snipping away in the interim. As a result, I can’t really attribute my hair to one particular stylist. That fact was a blessing on a recent visit to the Riccardo Maggiore Salon (New York City). Scheduled for a blowout with Maggiore himself, I arrived looking a little worse for wear. It took mere minutes for Maggiore to look at my cut and declare it a disaster. Of course, I couldn’t blame him, as I had been thinking just that morning that I was long overdue for a cut. I’m sure the fact that I let anyone who comes near me with a pair of scissors free reign to chop away didn’t help. Come to think of it though, it was that same easy-going attitude that made me grant Maggiore license to work his magic. My straightforward blowout soon turned into a styling session, as he set about correcting my troublesome tresses. When he was finished, I was thrilled with the transformation, and even more so after the response I got from my American Spa colleagues.


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