Ojai Valley Offers the Sweet Scent of Serenity

I just returned from a spectacular trip to Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, and one of my favorite activities took place at the Artist’s Cottage and Apothecary, where I was lucky enough to experience a Custom Blending ($120, 90 minutes). There, I sniffed nearly 40 essential oils, ranked my favorites, and worked with the master aromatherapist to create my own signature scent. It was a warm California day, and I was drawn to the refreshing smells of citrus, concocting a blend that combined mandarin, lemon, and grapefruit with jasmine and gardenia. My teacher told me that my selections indicated an affinity for great joy, and I most certainly felt happy when I was given a bottle of my own custom perfume, which I, of course, named Joy. She also mixed my fragrance in a bottle of massage oil, and I then headed to the spa for a signature Essence in Balance massage using my own blissful blend. Upon completion of the service, my therapist told me she felt happy and uplifted, and I felt downright fabulous. Turns out, it’s easy to spread Joy around. And that’s just one of the wonderful spa sessions I tried out during my visit to this charming, artistic town. Stay tuned for the August issue of American Spa to get the scoop on this exceptional relaxing retreat.


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